Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slouching Towards A Big-Ass State Of Petro.


As Boris over at The Galloping Beaver points out - we already have a lot of the pillars in place to become a Petro-addled Banana State, what with our....

"....military glorification and the princeling ministers with their Quadaffi-esque sense of entitlement...."

And just in case you thought we were soon going to have trouble keeping the prop-machine spinning on the military glorification front, what with the end of our combat mission in Afghanistan and all, have no fear because the Princelings have decided to enlist the best Prop-Mongers money can buy in a bit of historical war glorification:

...The Harper government has hired a consultant to inject a little war into this year’s Canada Day bash on Parliament Hill.

A Toronto theatre expert has been asked to find ways to insert a War of 1812 commemoration into the July 1st festivities that typically include pop music, dance and pyrotechnics.

“I do big-ass special events all the time, so they asked me to do that,” artistic producer Paul Shaw said in an interview. “It’s sort of tricky to do a War of 1812 theme when you’ve got so many modern things in and around it.”

The Conservative government, which has been promoting Canada’s military culture and heritage, has earmarked money and resources throughout the year to commemorate the bicentennial of the outbreak of War of 1812 in North America...


And just in case you thought they had forgotten about the 'youth'....

...Last week, Heritage Minister James Moore announced a Canada Day poster contest, calling on young Canadians aged five to 18 to create original posters on the theme “1812: The Fight for Canada.”...

No word yet if the winners of the contest will be asked to wear shirts of a particular colour.



West End Bob said...

No word yet if the winners of the contest will be asked to wear shirts of a particular colour.


Quite a good shot there, RossK . . . .

RossK said...

There's a whole lotta of other parallels one could chase there if one wanted to, me thinks, Bob.