Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Resolution Number 2.


"Learn to love the rapture!"

And then chew-up and spit all the codswallop back into the faces of the proMedia shills that will play this crap up, laughing and giggling, all the way until Dec 22nd while their children buy it and cower in their beds at night.


And who better to rip-off the bite sized chunks of this gunk than our than our good friend with the rapier wit, JJ, who is already off to a roaring start with her New Year's Day prognostications.

I like this one best:

(9) Ron Paul will come very close to winning the GOP nomination, until he’s utterly destroyed by Fox News. He’ll storm away and form a 3rd party, and Stephen Harper will hoist himself up and shout: “TWO WORDS: REFORM PARTY!”

But they are all worth reading.



JJ said...

Aw, thanks for the shout-out buddy!

Hoping for a new year with less fear & loathing and more depravity & decadence! :p

RossK said...

You Betch'a JJ--

And we're counting on you for that rapturous coverage of the all the raptors as they swoop down to rip our heathen flesh.

Unless, of course...

Jill Sobule is right.