Thursday, January 19, 2012

Montreal Simon Has A Message...


...For Progressives.

Which, based on the role that protest and pushback has played in recent events (eg. the flipping of Rob Ford's budget cuts in Toronto; the delaying of the Keystone pipeline; the weakening of attempts to clampdown, bigtime, on internet freedom), is the following:

...(W)hen progressives get off their asses, take to the streets, stage loud and noisy protests, and use the internet in clever and creative ways to bludgeon their opponents, we can leave the right-wingers looking like palookas, and wondering what hit them...

Has anyone else noticed how Simon is fast becoming a Gilliard to call our own?



Jim Parrett said...

It's the getting us all together, on the same page, that's the hard part. Let's hope we see more of the recent events to which you and Simon refer.

Grant G said...

Hey Ross..

I have been advising, asking all to invoke Gilliard.

Reading that post awhile back turned me around big-time.

"I don`t care what they think... I won`t argue on their terms...I want them to hate me and go away thinking just that?...

It works on co many levels..

Fuck Harper, fuck Enbridge, they will get their faces covered with shitty oil, the project will be stopped by logic or by other means..

Harper will fall hard on this project, or be removed from office.

No more Harper.


Simon said...

hi Ross...thanks for the huge compliment. But of course I could never hope to even come close to the amazing and so sadly missed Steve Gilliard, a progressive giant if ever there was one. All I'm trying to do is cheer up progressives and get them to unite to defeat the common enemy. That's hard enough eh? ;)

RossK said...


Respectfully, you underestimate your impact by a considerable margin.