Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Resolution Number 1.


When we got home last night we had some real mail.

From the real Springfield.

In the real middle of the USA.

And in it there was a notepad from our favourite political bloggers and 'lectronic DIY media moguls/podcasters Bluegal and Driftglass.

Which inspired us to make our first resolution of 2012....

Then littler e. and I organized our Big 5 New Year's Eve Movie Marathon...We made it through 3 and-a-half....



West End Bob said...

RossK, you're already doing a pretty damn good job Being the Media, IMO.

Keep up the good work . . . .

Fran / Blue Gal said...

LOVE THAT!!! I'm moving your comment topside at my place. xoxoxo

Fran / BG

RossK said...

Thanks Bob - you too!

Thanks BG

And thanks to both you and Mr. Electrico for the inspiration (and all the work).

And with that....The Whackadoodle and I are off to the Beach...After all, if you don't do something like that on New Year's Day in Lotusland, what the heckfire are you living here for?



Chris said...

I might have to put my old button away. The one that says "I Support Facts".
And get a new one made. That says "Be The Media".
I might even have to toss out my Tshirt that says "No News is Good News. No Journalists is Even Better."
Happy new year to all the Ks.

RossK said...

Thanks Chris--

And don't throw out those T-Shirts!

And I, for one, do not to get rid of any real journos...In fact, I would hope that more reality checks and fisking fromm the peanut gallueryillas like ourselves will bring more of those pining for the fjords of the evils of easy access back from the brink.

Or some such thing.


Chris said...

I think the best work you're seeing is from people who have made a personal decision to keep trying in a news world where "don't bother" isn't just a helpful suggestion; some days, it's a direct order.
Those are the people you might want to keeping saying thanks to. As you know, feeling like it makes even a small difference is enough to keep you going lots of days.

RossK said...

Excellent point Chris.

Carrots and Kudos do matter.

Thanks for the reminder.