Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lenin's Ghost Weighs In...


lenin's ghost and I are old friends.

We first met in the comment threads at Billmon's now defunct Whiskey Bar, way back in the dinosaur days when the feverswamps were the only place to find a little truth, and a whole lotta conversation, in a dirty glass.

And while l.g. may take umbrage at the following description, I always think of him as a hard-headed leftist with a heckuva slap-shot.



l.g. stopped by recently and left a late comment at the bottom of the now kinda/sorta infamous Schlieffen Plan/Snooki/Birdman/Curmudgeon post in which I wondered if the BC-Dippers 39% would hold if, say, the LINO's and the hived-off Cons were to suddenly reunite, at the last minute, just before the spring 2013 election.

It is now, officially, a semi-infamous post (at least in my own mind), because my favourite Public Eye Radio rabble-rouser, Eleanor Gregory, quoted from it verbatim on this morning's show.

In addition, Ms. Gregory also offered to send me brownies when I thanked her for.....errrr...'accused' her of stealing my stuff.

But all this self-congratulatory babble is really nothing more than bubble-wrap around the heart of the matter, which l.g. got straight to with his comment:

"The real issue is whether or not the dippers have their sh*t together to run a government properly...."


I ask l.g., and anyone else out there that wishes to comment also.

Are they?

Ready to govern, I mean.

It was actually a fantastic week for comments on a whole lotta levels, including a clutch of new folks stopping by....In that regard, John G's comment wherein he wondered where the line for conflict with the Lotuslandian political punditry actually lies was a great one....And then there was the running conversation with Santa Rosa Jon and Mr. Beer 'N Hockey about their poetry that became a song....And thanks a million to music man Don F. for the digital recording advice.



ron wilton said...

First off, anything is better than what we have now.

I suspect the finances of BC could be compared to the fate of the Costa Concordia shipwreck. (CC)

Will they be able to remove the oil and refloat the vessel and put it back in service, or will they have to drag it out to sea and scuttle it?

My belief is that the damage once revealed will be too extreme for repair and refit to be economically viable, and we will have to go back to basics and start over and make the corporate owners and their puppets pay for their crimes.

I think the heirs apparent are as good as it gets for now. They certainly couldn't be any worse.

But hey, that's what I thought about the Lieberals ten years ago.

RossK said...


Interesting points.

And, to be fair, a couple of Sean Holman's Rabble Rousers did discuss this aspect of the thing saying that Mr. Dix et al. would have to be crazy to make any big changes and/or pronouncements now given the way the numbers look.


I dunno.

I think some spade work has to be done to dig out any wedges, real or imagined, to remove them, right now, before they can be offered up to the electorate, by the herd, on silver platters.

(there I go again, straying from the 'real' to the 'political', apologies)


spartikus said...

My 2 cents...the BC NDP has governed before and while there's been turnover in the roster since that time...this isn't some expansion team.

Better prepared than the federal party.

To build on Ron Wilton's comment - the first thing they should do is immediately bring the books in line with accepted accounting practices - something Auditor-General John Doyle has long red-flagged. If necessary, though I don’t think it should be given it’s an uncooking of the books back to established norms, have a credible non-partisan commission put their stamp on it.

Undoubtedly the corporate media will suddenly rediscover their “watchdog” roll. Stand up to nonsense vigorously, but accept legitimate criticism.

RossK said...

Excellent point spart--

Can they run on that do you think?


lenin's ghost said...

Good point Spart, the NDP will have to be on top of things because the province will be/is an economic basketcase..........memories of good ol' Bob Rae in Ontario.

And, remember, as the neo-libs see the boat sinking they will be emptying the coffers.

lenin's ghost said...

by the way, Spart. It's not like the dippers good a decent job last time they were there.

Getting old, Ross.......keep waiting for the second coming of ol' Tommy!!!