Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winning Hearts And Minds With The Best Gossip Columnist Money Can Buy...


Because once you've got Jane Taber of CTVBellGlobeEverythingElse Media on your side, how can you lose.


Need background?

You've got it.

Well, 10 days ago, when 'The Prime' came to Lotusland, we predicted that the semi-secret Timmyfest pictured above would, indeed, get wurlitzered while the real news would not.

And what was that you ask?

The real news that was buried beneath the bovine exrement, I mean.

Well, it was the fact that 'The Prime' deliberately, and with malice aforethought, excluded 'The Preem' from a real photo-op that actually mattered, for all kinds of reasons real politick and otherwise.

You can read all about that, here.

And, by the way, the fine photog, Mr. Jeff Vinnick, who snapped the picture above of The Preem and The Prime at their semi-secret Timmy'sfest two Thursday's ago was at that time identified by the VSun's Vaughn Palmer as a 'Liberal Staff Photographer' and the CBC's Janyce McGregor as being from the 'BC Premier's Office/CP'..... From that, and the fact that the photos were almost immediately posted on the Premier's Facebook page, we reckoned that the Premier's office had provided the photos taken by her staff photog, gratis.....However, in The Globe gossip column piece pictured above they identify the good Mr. Vinnick simply as working for the 'Canadian Press' (press on to enlarge 'button', here)....Interestingly, Mr. Vinnick had a completely unrelated image published in The Globe this very day, Jan 23rd, 2012, and...surprise!....In today's case the attribution tag says only 'Jeff Vinnick for The Globe and Mail' (press on to enlarge 'button', here)....Kinda/sort makes you go hmmmmm, does it not?...Then again, why would a media organ that publishes unabashed gossip columns/puff-pieces that they wish to pass off as serious political analyses want to indicate that a photo attached to such an 'analysis' was actually snapped by someone allegedly working for the person seeking out such a puff-piece, errr....'analysis'?


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