Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message From South Carolina...


....May The Best Race-Baiter Win!

And so, in the end, it was done.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Surprising his rivals and upending the Republican race for the presidency, Newt Gingrich won the pivotal South Carolina primary Saturday, 10 days after a fourth-place finish in New Hampshire left the impression his candidacy was all but dead.

Mr. Gingrich rode to victory by winning a plurality among a wide range of important Republican voting blocs, outperforming the rest of the four-person field among evangelical Christians and Tea Party supporters, men and even women, despite the publicity given to problems in his first two marriages....

But, for an embattled America that will now have to put up with even more of Mr. Gingrich's corrosive lies and baits, non-stop and writ large, isn't it interesting what Jim Rutenberg and/or the NYTimes left out of their lede shown above?

Once again, to get to the nut of the thing, which would put an end to this national nightmare if only the CorpMedia would just say it, you have to head for the Fever Swamps.

And Driftglass is there, lurking, with the truth jammed between his teeth and gums:

Once again, the ghost of Lee Atwater has risen over another Republican election like the Great Klansman, flying though the night to dance on the bones of Abraham Lincoln and promise to restore the rage-drunk, inbred remnants of the Confederate South to their former glory, but only if they are sufficiently sincere in their hatred of the usual suspects -- gays, Negroes, uppity women and, of course, the Liberal media which spreads their terrible lies....

Alternatively, you can watch Jimmy Carter et al. get to the heart of the matter here...


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