Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Real Surprise Of Iowa Caucus...


Is not that Mitt Romney was not the inevitable winner.


It is the demonstration that fully 75% of the Heartland's GOP have now officially bought their tickets to take a ride on the crazy train.

And did Rick Santorum really link the programs of Barack Obama's government to those of Benito Mussolini in pre-war Fascist Italy?
Of course, what this really means is that the full-on crazy (eg. Santorum and Paul) can now raise some real money...As for the medium-crazy (ie. the Newticle)?....Well....



West End Bob said...

That crazy train left the station a LONG time ago in the Excited States, RossK. Actually, it appears to be building tracks and stations in Canuckistan, too, since at least 2006.

If you'd like a thoughtful, accurate analysis of the "Circus in the South," check out Matt Taibbi's latest . . . .

paul said...

I was watching one of the debates, and was struck by the fact that these people were either barking mad or pandering to some imagined political base.
I like Ron Paul's crazed libertarian schtick, and think it's important to have someone making those arguments. But to have him running as even semi-serious candidate for president is a sign of collective craziness.
What I find really alarming is that, in travels in the U.S., I've developed respect and fondness for the Americans I've met. They're open and kind and generous. Yet their governments don't reflect them, or perhaps reflect their worst qualities, not their best. No one looks great when his worst qualities are on display.
That's serious. Governments are supposed to reflect the values of the people. If they don't, for whatever reason, it's not really a democracy anymore.

Anonymous said...

What a treat is was to see some sane polis, as compared to the Clown Show Democrats. It is absolutely terrifying that King Putt and his cocaine-addled mind are running the country. He thinks there are 57 states, he thinks Hawaii is in Asia, he pronounces corpsmen as 'corpsemen', he can't spell Syracuse, he thinks Europe is a country, he thinks Austrians speak Austrian, I could go on and on and on. Democrats have to be the stupidest people in the world. I doubt even Jack Layton and Lizzy May are that stupid.

RossK said...

I hear you Bob, and I know you know of what you speak.

Thanks for the MT, reading reality always helps.



I completely agree. And as someone who used to live in the States (and who still visits often, both for businesses and pleasure) I really think that a major contributor to this weird disconnect you speak of is cable television.


Because, it is my hypothesis it makes it possible for a large swath of the population to delude themselves into believing that willful ignorarance is a virtue

(which, I reckon, is the real danger of the envelope pushing that Sun TeeVee is now engaged in up here)



Sure thing...

And the Osbournes are really just a nice, well-adjusted family that is ruled over by a patriarch of maximum sanity who is also free of all addles.



Anonymous said...

I agree RossK. Watching cable TV's CNN and MSNBC make it possible for a large swath of the population to delude themselves into believing that willful ignorarance is a virtue. That's why I watch the Fox News Channel instead.

Hopefully, the Sun News Network becomes as wildly successful as Fox News. It will raise the collective IQ of the country at least 10 points. People who get their news from CTV and CBC are some of the most clueless people around. Although CTV is a joke, at least it doesn't mooch $1.1 billion per year from the taxpayers. Hopefully PM Harper will end that subsidy to those parasites.

Triple E

RossK said...


Thanks for the laugh.


I think you may have missed the memo.

The real plan, according to the unicorn-horned rodents of unusual size lying low in the fever swamps beneath BLilly's hair and codpiece emporium at least, is to bring in Barb's Boy to run the Ceeb just to the left of the Sun (i.e. two degrees east of crazy).


Cathie from Canada said...

Sorry, I left a comment this morning but I guess it didn't save.
Agree completely, Ross -- you are my Great Line of the Day today.

Norm Farrell said...

Paul make an excellent point in comments above. The many Americans with whom I correspond and interact with are like the ones he describes, "open, kind and generous." I was travelling with a group of Americans on the day Obama was elected and all of us thought that was a turning point, heading the country in a better direction.

Alas, Obama's signing days ago of a law that allows indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without charge, and the jailing of American citizens without trial, demonstrates that he is little different than rabid authoritarians. Add that new law to the fact that Obama has almost-secret assassination squads working throughout the world and we are left with this thought. Maybe the government reflects the worst qualities of Americans or maybe we are out to lunch and merely hopeful when we think our acquaintances are typical.

I'm wondering what will happen when American politicians realize that Canada is about to start shipping bitumen to Asia that could be serving American needs in a few years time. They invaded Iraq for the oil, will they let China continue to buy up the North America reserves?

Hugh said...

Ron Paul opposes the NDAA, the law that Obama recently signed.