Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dissecting David Hahn....



Update - Thurs Jan 5/11, Evening Edition: I've changed the quote from Ms. Montgomery, embedded below, to reflect her revised edition, which itself now has some very nice updates.

Chris Montgomery is on the job again.

This time she is working on the rotting carcass of an old Tyee-initiated FOI request from 2010 that is finally seeing the light of day.

It promises to be stinky work that will cause eyes to water, stomach's to churn, and heads to hurt.

But, given that the proMedia very likely won't, somebody's gotta take a reality-based, spin-free scalpel to the thing.

Here's is the first bit of real meat that Ms. Montgomery has managed to hack free:

"...So far, my favourite stuff starts at about page 52 of the second report, with the question: What happens when we apply a “common sense” smell test to the idea that the price of a ferry ticket affects ridership numbers? For the answer, you’ll have to click here.

And then a few pages later, the report deals with the issue that former CEO David Hahn was so fond of raising when anyone got uppity about why traffic was falling off: Do gas prices really affect ferry travel?

Hahn’s answer was always yes. He said that again and again and again.

I don’t want to give away any surprise endings, but let’s just say the company’s own report says that between 2003 and 2011, the answer just might have been a big, fat no.

Perhaps Mr. Hahn, the CEO of the company that paid interVISTAS to produce the report in May of 2011, should have read it..."

There is sure to be more to come.

Are the flack-hackery monkeys soon to follow (again)?



North Van's Grumps said...

in the report (foi) it says that BC Ferries, since 2003, "These impacts included the need for BC Ferry Services to implement fuel surcharges as the prices of oil has changed; the need for fares and tariffs to remain competitive with other modes; and the requirements of Regulators with respect to the cap on fare levels."

WHAT other modes? BC Ferries has no competition when it comes to moving the masses.

Second part

Christina Montgomery said...

Sorry to bugger up your post, Mr. K, but I did a bit of a rewrite on that piece of mine after you read it, and it doesn't quite match the quote you pulled out of it anymore.
The first version was written on the wing as I ran out the door to a Vancouver Giants game with my favourite hockey fan.
The second version is a little crispier.
Because the Giants lost 6-4. To Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Christina Montgomery, seeing as how your name is highlighted in Blue, I figured it would give me a link to your blog.... it doesn't.

You've got my attention, could you tweak your Blogger profile to give me that info?

Anonymous said...

P&O Calais-Dover ferry

Travel time: 1hr 30 mins

Return trip for 2 adults, 1 child and the doggie. : 140 Euros

Reserved for a specific boat, but arrive up to 2 hr early or late? No problem - if there's room, on you get - no extra cost.

Oh, and the weather has to be REALLY crappy (like it was earlier today) for them not to run across the channel.

Oh, and they have a lounge and showers for commercial drivers.

I'd be interested in what the CEO makes in comparison to Hahn, but I'm just too tired to hunt it down(long travel day from UK to France and still won't get home until tomorrow afternoon)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, no fuel surcharge. We were paying 1.41 GBP per litre for diesel (LOVE our Citroen C3)in the UK and 1.33 Euro per litre when we left France 3 weeks ago - will find out tomorrow when we have to fill up what the price is now, but fuel is WAY more expensive over here in Europe than it is in BC, so to charge extra for fuel is just an excuse to take more of our hard-earned money.


RossK said...

Was offline all day due to science geek duties Chris - will fix.



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