Sunday, January 22, 2012

CBC British Columbia Tells CBC National Ombudsman To...


...Take A Hike.


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Double-Secret Probation, Smoking Gun Update, here.....

...Johnny Michel, managing director for CBC’s B.C. region, said CBC will not be taking any action in light of the review (by CBC Ombudsman Kirk Lapointe).

“We feel that the ombudsman’s ruling found no issues with Stephen’ (Smart)'s reporting,” he said. “Without a shred of evidence that Stephen is offside in his reporting, we feel this is now just a personal matter and a corporate matter.”

“We established a protocol [with Smart] and we’ve adhered to that protocol since day one. It’s there to make sure CBC’s journalist standards are protected, and Stephen is protected as well.”

Stephen Smart has been CBC’s legislative reporter since 2010, while Rebecca Scott was appointed Clark’s communications officer and deputy press secretary in March 2011....

Again, this has nothing to do with what Mr. Smart has or has not done.

It has to do with the potential for conflict of interest and the CBC's 'Journalistic Standards and Practices' which, according to Mr. Lapointe's review states:

“If a current affairs or news employee has a close relative, defined as spouse, parent, child or sibling who is a major actor in a story, that employee cannot be involved in the coverage.”

So, given that, it will be interesting to see if the rest of the Lotuslandian media gives CBC-BC a free pass on this one.

Sunday morning going down update....Sadly, nothing from Sean Holman and rabble-rousers on this issue this morning...Although, to be fair, Charlie Smith wrot about it, in the GStraight, yesterday....



Anonymous said...

Precisely. CBC deflects the issue and, once again deceives their audiences and flaunts their sense of entitlement in the face of citizens and taxpayers to whom they are responsible.

What a shame to have witnessed the collapse of a once-proud broadcaster. Shame on CBC.

Harper's got what he wanted, the destruction of the CBC, helped by CBC themselves. Maybe that was the plan after all?

Over the last decade CBC has been stocked with private-sector, US corporate-colluding types, including such as Carol Taylor, and the American guy from Chicago who was installed as head of CBC News a couple years ago.

Entitled insiders, propaganda machine, that's all the CBC is now as far as news reporting goes.

RossK said...


There are regional differences. I just returned from a trip to Toronto and I must say that the race to the bottom seems less obvious there. In Lotusland it is really appalling.

However, from a corporate oversight point of view it is important to understand that this review only happened because of complaints from the public. Thus, if nothing is done you could see the ombudsman as little more than the corporate 'brush-off' person manning the front desk.