Friday, January 13, 2012

The Ratsturbation Begins!


Via T-Bogg, we learn that the screamers have already start to pick-and-roll off of the carcasses of the Newticle and the Empty Suitcase to blame the Dems for all that (roger) ail(e)s King Rat (i.e. he whose real name is Willard):

"The Left is carrying out a coordinated attack on Mitt Romney’s business career. One sees exactly the same allegations, often phrased identically, whether you look at the Daily Kos, the Associated Press, Slate or Think Progress, or listen to Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry...."


Our thanks to Mr. Beer 'N Hockey for pointing out that The Circle of Rovians was unbroken by any real Ratf*cking that we mentioned yesterday when he said this:

...If the good Docktor (Thompson) were still with us he may just have referred to the above political pillow fluffing exercise as 'Ratsturbation."...


And thanks also, to commenter John, for pointing out that the Dems will very likely now shrink like paper-tissue tiger violets from this exercise in simultaneous self-loathing and self-love from those who must, at all costs, innoculate Willard from his vulture-toothed past before the real campaign begins.


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