Friday, January 20, 2012

While Norm Works....Keith Fiddles.


The CBC Ombudsman has agreed with me and others who raised the issue of Stephen Smart's conflict of interest. Now, we await the corporation's resolution of this matter. You can read theentire Ombudsman report here but the important section is this:
"...Whether a real or perceived conflict of interest, no amount of managing it can do more than mitigate the impact on an impartial fulfillment of duties.

"In this instance some of Smart’s central political reporting functions that involve dealings with the premier and her opponents are affected or impeded. He also bears an unavoidable conflict of commitment in which professional responsibilities commingle with moral obligations in other legitimate personal roles in his life.

"CBC journalistic policies are designed to be congruent with corporate policies that call for an avoidance of real or perceived conflict of interest, bearing of the greatest scrutiny, and exceptions only when the corporation’s interests are clearly better served.

"Smart can report with integrity, and CBC’s protocol can combine disclosure and recusal, but the pervasive appearance of a conflict of interest will continually challenge their 5 reputations. It is hard to see how an arrangement with the potential to diminish the effectiveness of CBC’s journalism and public standing serves an interest worthy of a policy exception.

"My role isn’t to sort through the challenge of resolving this matter in accordance with labour law or collective agreements. My role is simply to assess the situation against policy in light of the public complaint. As it stands there is a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices."

Kirk LaPointe
CBC Ombudsman

That is all.

For all the background you need regarding why Mr. Farrell and many others felt that Mr. Smart is, at the very least, in a potential conflict of interest, please see this.



Laila said...

You know, Keith and I chat now and then on FB,but the only baloney I see is this tweet from him, considering he has photos of he and his daughters with ms. Crunchy Clark in her office posted on his profile.... Conflict much ?

Here is an idea. Lets take a look at who funds who - in all forums, bloggers and/or reporters.

PS, this was left on my facebook wall tonight courtesy of Kim Poirer who writes and comments often .. thought you would appreciate!!!

Kim said...

Lol, enjoy RossK, it made my day when it landed in my inbox this morning. We all need a ray of sunshine to offset the murkiness that pervades our airwaves and "newspapers".

I'm really glad the ombudsman takes this conflict seriously, there must have been many complaints. I know the blogs have been more influential in this last year. When we make things go viral, they reluctantly start up the spin machine, but have you noticed lately the machine is missing a cylinder?

Anonymous said...

Not sure why my comment didn't post, I'll try again...

So the ombudsman said what every reporter in Canada already knows: you don't cover the preem in the afternoon then sleep with her press assistant in the evening. And pretend it doesn't compromise either you, the news viewer, the CBC or all three.


Just because Smart and Baldrey are friends, or more importantly, because Baldrey wants to keep his lips firmly planted on the powerful arses belonging to Smart's wife and the preem, doesn't make it right to pass this crap off as ok.

Baldrey is looking after himself, as usual.

Let's ask ourselves this: What would these professional journalists have to say if it was the preem laying her head down beside, oh, say, the auditor general, who is responsible for "covering" govt spending? If they assured us they never talked business?

Would these two exemplary professionals be good with that?

Ok then.

Anonymous said...

Blowdry is just covering his own ass.

He had very real conflicts of interest when his bedmate was curled up in Campbell's den of iniquity.

If he can't see the problem then he is a disgrace to his profession.

By blowing wind on FB, he confirms to all what readers of the blog news have known all along.