Friday, January 20, 2012

Has The Time Come For The Dean To Put PavCo On Double-Secret Probation?


Frances Bula has published a piece in The Globe on those egregious high-wattage, mega-mansion-sized billboards from PavCo that are burning the retinas of downtown residents who live within a three kilometer radius of BC Place.

Which is a bit of a problem that PavCo has so far only kinda/sort pretended to respond to.

And then there is the other matter.

Which is that the billboards are also forcing Betty Fox's son to run for Budweiser, and worse.

While worthy as a clarion call alone, Ms. Bula's post also has a wee nugget buried inside it that is delivered, not by a spokesthingy, but instead by an assistant (to the regional?) manager.

Or some such thing:

....Kathy Delisser, the assistant general manager at BC Place, said management is trying to come up with solutions as a result of neighbourhood complaints.

But she also said that the main sign is tied to a negotiation on an “overall sponsorship and technology program” with a company she can’t name, so BC Place isn’t free to do exactly what it wants with the sign.

She said she couldn’t say how much revenue the sign generates, because that’s also a confidential part of the sponsorship program...

Imagine that.

Secret contracts with a public corporation.

Would'a thunk it?!



kootcoot said...

"Imagine that.

Secret contracts with a public corporation."

Just about everything the BC LIEberal Government is involved in has to be secret and confidential, otherwise we would run out of jail space!

Maybe once Spiteful Steve's new prisons are built we can have full disclosure of the Campbell/Clark years and attain full occupancy almost instantly!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Stevie rot in one of his own Stalags? Perhaps, Gordon Campbell can be cell mates with Harper.

Anything that speaks of money in BC is permitted. Dirty fish farms, killing our wild salmon. Rivers thieved and sold, destroying flora, fauna and important salmon runs. Our BCR heritage thieved and sold. The illegal HST, forced on the people. Now the dirty oil Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, forced onto BC.

Do you think BC place gives a damn about the citizens, forced to put up with the behemoth waste of hydro sign? Of course they don't. Remember, in BC greed comes first.

That is one more place for the Occupy this spring.

BC Mary said...

Imagine that, says RossK. "Secret contracts with a public corporation ..."

Ha! Where, indeed RossK but BC Rail.

It started with police raids on the BC Legislature in search of Mr Big in the Cocaine trafficking biness (Victoria to Toronto). The cops found Mr Big, arrested him, charged him. Then Mr Big was put on trial, found guilty verdict and got a 9 year sentence and had to pay a large cash fine ... a spectacularly successful piece of police-work ... all secret so far as media was concerned ...

but it fitted right in with BC Rail which got caught up in that net, too ...

concluded 7 years later with government making a $6M gift to Basi & Virk for their legal expenses; why? We don't exactly know why. It's been a secret for over a year now. It gives new meaning to the words "unheard of".

The deal Gordon Campbell made with CN remains partly secret too.

Seems to me that redemption begins with BC calling for a full Public Inquiry to find out what went so terribly wrong with our priceless, publicly-owned BC Railway ... and how to fix it.

That's the part everybody understands. That's the part which is being kept deliberately suppressed or kept secret.

That's why we need a Public Inquiry into how we lost BC Rail. Because look what else we're losing, same process: BC Ferries, BC Hydro ...

RossK said...

Thanks all.

And don't forget BC Ferries when you think of secrets and, well, you know....