Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Hacktacularization Of Everything


Christy Clark in trouble because the big tent that Gordon Campbell yanked out of the hands of Gordon Wilson is coming apart fast, at the seams, from the inside?

Not to worry.

Because here comes Keith Baldrey to do a little 'externalizing':

The federal government's decidedly right-ward shift has some potentially big implications for B.C. and whichever party forms the next government here.

It also has the chance of making the political tightrope Premier Christy Clark has been walking when it comes to relations with the Harper government that much trickier to navigate.

Many have long wondered just how right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper was and the early indications after the last election are that he has moved his government to a footing that is more to the hard right than anything seen previously.

No doubt emboldened by the fact that he now has a solid majority in the House of Commons, Harper seems prepared to shape policies more along ideological lines than anything else....

{snippety doo-dah}

...While most provincial finance ministers blasted (Federal Finance Minister Jim) Flaherty for his arbitrary cuts to their (future healthcare) funding, B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was warmly supportive, lauding the fact Flaherty had brought "certainty" to the situation.

It wasn't hard to connect some dots here. The Clark government's survival in the next provincial election is likely directly tied to ensuring it doesn't lose significant support among conservative voters.

Therefore, fighting with a federal Conservative government is fraught with peril, which may explain Falcon's positive reaction...

Sure thing Mr. Baldrey.

But, then again, when, exactly, has the Campbell-Clark government NOT been in lockstep the the FedCons?

Or was that HST bribe really all Mr. Hansen and Mr. Campbell's idea from the get-go?




cfvua said...

According to my newly minted green as grass MP, who is the authority on all things Harpoon related, the story is the train robbers thought it up all by themselves. The HST I mean. Couldn't have been any Federal involvement as the
HST is a provincial request. I was told this prior to the election and couldn't believe their denial was being used as a vote getting strategy. The Cons need to learn we aren't all as easy to fool as a bunch of wanna be MPs.

RossK said...

....or Mr. G-TeeVee.

(to 'fool' I mean).


Anonymous said...

Jack Layton said, forcing the HST onto the BC people, was Harper's scam. The HST was on Campbell, Hansen and Harper's radar.

Colin Hansen caught in a lie, finally admitted, the HST radar papers, were on his desk long before the BC election. The HST went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. The HST can be reversed, faster than the speed of light. However, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have chosen to lie about that.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have no say, what-so-ever in the future of BC. They are merely mouth pieces, for Herr Harper.

Campbell still works for Harper. Do people really think...The gruesome twosome of Harper and Campbell, would allow Christy or Falcon to manage any of their corrupt scams? Not on your Nelly. They don't have enough intelligence, for Harper and Campbell, to be trusted to carry out the gruesome twosome's vital scams.

The BC Liberals are actually, useless dead wood. Harper and Campbell destroyed BC financially. Now they will make BC a polluted wasteland. Meanwhile, The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are sitting with their fingers up their noses, and allowing the destruction of BC. They are Harper butt kissers.