Thursday, January 19, 2012

Climbing Into The Cigar Tube, Again.


This time the science geek bunker is located deep within the bowels of the so-called 'Center-Of-The-Universe'.

And these days, when the Airporter trundles down the Gardiner Expressway towards the downtown core past all that corporate home office landscaping, I can't stop myself from thinking that I have arrived in....

The New Cleveland.

Image at the top of the post...The Whackadoodle revelling at the edge of Lotusland's Don Mills equivalent (eg. the dunes along the banks at the mouth of the mighty Fraser).
And, ya, Danneau...The date stamp in the $30 camera from the surplus store has gone a little haywire...This picture is from last weekend.



Danneau said...

Qui? Moi?

RossK said...

Remember you liking my low-end attempts at image making.


Danneau said...

Boy, if I took any shots at anyone else's image making, shame on me. Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. If I said something complimentary, then, I reiterate whatever it was.