Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is The Non-Stop Catapaulting Of The Codswallop Blocking Out The Sun?


The good Reverend Paperboy, who knows the proMedia business from the inside-out, explains what is really going on at SUN-TeeVee:

"The SUN-TV news network was never intended to cover the news, it was intended to make the news.

Some might even say make up the news, but what I mean is that the gang of clown-shoed commentators put together by right-wing Quebecor chieftain Pierre Karl Peladeau and former PMO flack Kory Teneycke are paid to act out and grab headlines, not to report the news...."

All of which explains why, as long as the fine folks at QMI don't mind losing buckets of money, the paltry viewing numbers (apparently less than zero for the Huff-'N-Puff Daddy, Charles Addler, in the 25-54 demo, for example).

Because, when your real objective is to wurlitzer crazy sh*t just enough so that it can be de-stinkified just enough that the rest of CorpMedia can treat it as slightly-saneified fodder fit for swaying all those low information citizens who walk amongst us....


Your own audience, or lack thereof, doesn't really matter.



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