Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taxis In Lotuslandian Bus Lanes.


Now, I can understand the rationale for this, from Mr. Mayor and Councillor Meggs:

Vancouver taxi customers should experience quicker, cheaper trips on congested routes, says the Vancouver Taxi Association, now thatcity council has approved a one-year trial to allow taxis to travel in bus lanes.

The pilot program was an election commitment by Mayor Gregor Robertson, who was responding to a long-standing call for such action from taxi owners, who point out that similar rules are in place all over the world...

But, I for one, am a wee bit nervous.

Especially given that I try to commute by bike as much as possible.

I mean, does this mean that taxi-drivers will be racing up curb lanes, swerving in and out, even more than ever before?

Is that even possible?



Anonymous said...

Hi Ross.

My two cents, taxis are a small price to pay for less cars on the road.

In NYC, good luck if you try to take a taxi on any crosstown street -- the avenues are six lanes wide, one way, but the single-lane streets are jammed with other cars parked, trucks unloading, cabs etc.

When I lived there I was young but made great time via skateboard and later by bike. Did you know a mountain bike can out-accellerate a car off a green light, for at least the first hundred yards -- enough to overtake and change lanes in front of the car.

Of course, that doesn't mean they don't get a bit ticked!

Anyway, I loved commuting from the West End over the Burrard Bridge to Kits every day back in the late 70s. Really glad to see the bike lane on that bridge now, can't even get upset about dipstick radio DJs making fun of bikers, it's their job.

Since car companies and I suppose owners of parking lots are big ad buyers on radio.

Back on topic. The thing to watch out for when biking on the sidewalk or right-hand lane is the car door which opens into your path.

Travel safe!

- Jonku

RossK said...

Fair comments Jonku--

And I agree, especially in the downtown core.

But a little on the outside, especially on the N/S arteries in and out of town I find many of the drivers to be a real menace.