Monday, January 02, 2012

More Evidence That The Liberals Are No Longer The Natural Governing Party Of Anything


Warren Kinsella, interestingly enough nails it.

First, Mr. Kinsella tells us that, back in the halcyon days (e.g. a plaid-shirted 1996), Gordon Campbell was the master of a big, beautiful centrist tent where everyone could live in peace and harmony:

...In 2001, he (Campbell) was massively successful, winning an astonishing 77 of 79 seats in the legislature in Victoria.

Back when I was helping him out, Campbell was always welcoming of new recruits, whatever their political pedigree.

“I don’t care if you’re a federal Liberal, or federal Conservative, or a Reformer, or from Mars,” he’d say. “But when you come in our door, you are a B.C. Liberal. Leave your fights outside.”

And, mostly, B.C. Liberals did...

Of course, nothing there about how anybody uppity was told to F*ck Off in caucus or taken out behind the barn and spit upon if they dared to poke a finger into the skin of the bubble hidden beneath the faux tent where the real corporatist Straussian Privatizapalooza Party rages 24/7.

And Mr. Kinsella also does not mention the Politburo-like stacking of everything with non-elected quislings that do any and all things required to push the cult-like P3-ification of the entire province, backed by an all powerful Bureau of Information that cows a compliant access-addicted media at every turn.

Regardless, when the people of British Columbia finally did what Mr. Campbell's sycophants would not, Mr. Kinsella concludes that they were 'asinine' when they rose up, en masse, and ripped a massive hole in the big, faux-centrist tent to first release, and then vanquish, the shillophantic HST Surrender-Monkeys:

...To her credit, new B.C. Grit Leader Christy Clark had been climbing back in public opinion polling, and she seemed to be escaping the province’s asinine decision to withdraw from an HST accord with the federal government, too....

Oh, and then there is the following, which apparently demonstrates Mr. Campbell's bonafides as a truly great leader:

... Eventually, Campbell resigned, and now leads Canada’s High Commission in Britain...

And then, finally, Mr. Kinsella gets to the heart of the matter, which is to open a new front in the war on the 1990's and train his pop-gun on the already Liberal-smeared, but still rising, Curmudgeon.

To wit:

Incredibly, that means controversial NDP Leader Adrian Dix — who, last time he was anywhere near the premier’s office, was forced to resign as a top aide to disgraced B.C. Premier Glen Clark for back-dating a memo about casino licences — will be premier.

And, mostly, he will have John Cummins’ ego to thank for it. The party that gave B.C. Hydro-gate, Bingo-gate and destroyed economic growth in the province will be back.

Political expediency.

It's not just for Fed-Libs anymore.

Of course, those British Columbians who have been paying attention since 1996, know that the pretzelian-triangulation practiced by the BC Liberal party that hides true intentions is the real issue here (and is what British Columbians of all ideological stripes were sick of when they rose up against the HST).
Why the need for a second front in the war on the decade of Courtney Love? Well, as we mentioned yesterday, the Generals know that the first front (i.e. the 'economic' one) is actually a mirage that could be destroyed in a Bay Street minute if the proMedia in this province were to make like Robert Matas and start reporting facts rather than Politburo-provided puffery.
And as for the rising of the radical right in British Columbia....Which party's leader's words and deeds, exactly, sowed the seeds to make that happen anyway?


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paul said...

The last point is particularly significant, I'd say. The Campbell Liberal rhetoric was consistently anti-government - those who work in it are second rate, it wastes money to no real purpose, taxes are inherently bad.
That becomes a problem once you're in government and realize you have few goals beyond cutting things.
And it builds an audience for the next anti-government party that comes along and targets you.