Monday, January 30, 2012

Note To The Birdman...

....Prove It.

"He's been workin' real hard trying to make his hands clean...."

Buried deep beneath the lede of J. Fowlie's blockbuster in the VSun today...

...On the long-standing, drawn-out 19 month effort by his government to keep the shredded $800,000 IPad-assisted 'HST-Booster' pamphlet from public view, the current Campbell/Clark government Finance Minister, Mr. Kevin Falcon, had this to say:

“My direction to staff was really clear: just release the damn thing,” he (Falcon) said.

To which we say....

Prove it.

Right now.


1 comment:

lenin's ghost said...

it's simple folks.......if the lips are moving, the evil prick is lieing

The other advice I give to new canucks. Vote on what these pols have done in the past. Don't listen to their words for they carry little truth.