Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is There Danger Lurking In The Latest Poll Numbers?


At first glance the numbers look to be all good for the BC-NDP according the fine folks at Forum Research and Postmedia News:

...Of the 988 randomly selected British Columbians contacted for the Forum Research poll, 39% of decided voters said they would vote for the NDP, compared to the 26% who said Liberal and the 22% who said Conservative.

That's a 5% increase for the NDP compared to another Forum Research poll in December. In that poll, 23% of respondents said they would vote Liberal; 23% said they would vote for the Tories....

Which, of course, means that the Fight against the HST has done its real job and split the Right for reals.


I sure hope so.


And while he may have avoided her publicly, the man with the bright red lips did not trash Premier Snooki before the two (allegedly) commenced sucking back Timmy's in semi-secret, arm-in-arm for an hour or two.

Furthermore, while The Curmudgeon is still floating, if no longer going 'Up', there has been no direct, overt move by he or his to invoke the Cons' now-patented strate(r)gy of 'Total Destruction' politics.

So, with that preface cast your eyes upward and ask yourself the following....

Are the aggregate numbers really better for the Dippers now than they were in May of 2009?


So, given all that....

What if the Cons were to suddenly, depose The Snook, anoint The Birdman, and then engineer a fusion-based love-in with The Curmudgeon.

How would those numbers look then?

Because my memory is starting to fail me, I had to look up Schlieffen Plan to make sure I had the 'pincer' reference right...And the really scary thing that the Interwebs can do to you sometimes?....Well, look what popped up as the 'fourth' authority.....Sheesh.



spartikus said...

There's another piece of evidence though - NDP is now number one Federally too. I don't think a BC Lib party that tacked into hard right territory would appeal to the current mood of the electorate - or the mood anytime. Cummins support now are just the diehards that vote that way regardless. What's in play is the squishy middle Christy was supposed to appeal to. Alas. Alack to all that.

(Also the Schlieffen Plan may have gotten the Germans to the outskirts of Paris but it didn't actually work out for them in the end.

Maybe Case Yellow.)

Anonymous said...

Harper is no Conservative. They say, Harper is a Reformer, from his very shady political past. Harper is running Canada, on his Northern Foundation Party, he founded in 1989.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, aren't Liberals either. Campbell works for Harper, he is Harper's favorite henchmen. Now we have another favorite Harper henchmen, Boessenkool who will take over from Christy. Boessenkool lobbied for Enbridge. All of them work for Harper. They all foul everything they touch.

Grant G said...

Not this time Ross..Forum Research`s polling tends to skew towards the right, if you recall,a Forum poll, results pointed to, the commentary followed, Forum Research stated a week before the Vancouver civic elections..

"Susan Anton and Gregor Robertson are neck and neck"

Well, we know how that worked out...

Surprised you missed the bigger poll numbers...

Harper`s shine, his charisma, his voter savvy persona in British Columbia has faded, the Big Orange Star, without a Federal leader has surpassed Harper`s Con support, the only province(so far)in Canada to trend that way, the HST still lingers, but bigger erosion is Harper`s Enbridge pipeline push and Gordo`s obscene London appointment and Order of BC award...

A 10 point swing, Federal NDP in BC surge upwards, Harper sliding downward to second place in BC...

Christy and the BC Cons have hitched their star to a Harper black hole..

Lastly, internal polling has the NDP at...58% on Van island, 52% in the interior and 48% in lower mainland..

Good Day

Beijing York said...

Christy Clark really does resemble Snooki.

I sure hope the tide is turning against the Harpercons and BC Libcons.

First blow required is stopping the proposed Gateway Pipeline. Dear Leader with lipstick is doing everything and then some to discredit and disenfranchise opposition.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Your comment about what popped up as the fourth authority really made me laugh because I too have had the experience of reading lots of what I have written in the past and not remembering it at all.

RossK said...


91.34% of me agrees with you...But what if there is skullduggery afoot...Think of it this way - the two headed hydra allows them to hold the so-called 'middle' until the last minute, and then, once a fusion happened there would be no place for them to go...And as for the outskirts of Paris, well...Doesn't that get you way past James Bay/Ledgeville into Fernwood?


In the main, I do not disagree....That's what I find so terrifying about the semi-secret tryst, both as a dog-whistle to the true believers, but also because it does not quell my fears that there is something Straussian afoot here, which is something that Ms. Clark may not even understand, except on the most base 'I'll do whatever it takes to hold onto power' kind of level

Fair comment Grant--

And I get what you are saying about the Big Orange, which is spartikus' point also, but don't forget, if there really was such a late fusion plan this would be all about holding the middle for the time being, not about courting the right.


Snooki will not commit....Again, more playing for time and trying to hold the middle...Perhaps an additional factor as to why Mr. Harper would not be seen with Mdme (not)Premier at the Westcoast shipbuilding announcement where someone from the (not-cowed) National Press may have asked about the NGateway, especially with the re-hiring of Mr. Boessenkool, the significance of which even the Globe's Gossip Columnist-In-Chief kinda/sorta got.


It is most bizarre...But the thing I did not mention is that that 'fourth authority piece, whichwritten more than six years ago, is a way more sophisticated than what I have offered here. Essentially it is a detailed musing about how I was worried that the James' Gang labour mollification policy at the time left them open on the left side, particularly wrt to the Environment....How's that for prescient given what happened later, especially in 2009, with the selling of the carbon tax, which was presaged, if you will recall, by the red herring that was Ms. Jame's 'gas guzzling' plane trip up the coast to look at the run-of-river land raping that could not be seen by the media herd who complained about the bumpy ride and their queasy stomachs.


spartikus said...

if there really was such a late fusion plan this would be all about holding the middle for the time being, not about courting the right

I don't think Christy Clark is courting the right by choice. Those were voters they could always count on. She's lost the middle and the hard right.

She inherited a moribund, tired party and she hasn't performed.

The wheels are coming off the bus and the bus is going over the cliff.

RossK said...

OK spart.

You've got me up to 93% now.




lenin's ghost said...

The real issue is whether or not the dippers have their shit together to run a government properly like my old buddy TC.

RossK said...

Excellent point l.g.

And the essential one - especially for hard-headed left-leaners like ourselves.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Go to this address for a great cartoon of Harper.

lenin's ghost said...

HEY!!!!....I'm a moderate. As was out folks when they need it, and, don't be spending money you don't have......not rocket science.........just cut down on the corruption