Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Hampshire's Magic Eight Ball....

....Is A Little Cloudy.

After all.

It did manage to pick Johnny McCain in 2008 and The Shrub in '04.


In 2000 it chose the even then old and crotchety McCain before he got Roved with the black baby story in SoCaro.

And as for 1996?

Well, that was the year New Hampshire picked Hunter Thompson's favourite Nixon nephew Patrick J. Buchanan who wrote the following, from the Bunker, in the dying days of Tricky Dick's doomed Presidency....

Dear Hunter:

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you sooner; but all leaves and furloughs have been cancelled for the last sixty days, on orders of the General Staff. At the appropriate time, I may well deliver myself of the recommended 'hammerhead screed' but I must say I was dissillusioned to learn that Rolling Stone had excercised the bad judgement to throw away three good pages on Richard Goodwin. As the Old Man said in the final days of that wonderful year, 1968, it is "getting down to the nut-cutting." Tell your liberal friends we expect to be treated with all the deference and respect as outlined in the Geneva Conventions on the handling of prisoners of war.

Patrick J. Buchanan
Special Consultant to the President

And do not forget.

It was the rise of the 'too-honest-to-be-electable' George McGovern, in New Hampshire in 1972, that made the good Docktor legitimate in the wake of the Freak Power Movement in the Rockies just as that bloody Vegas book went ballistic.



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