Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The David Hahn 400...Gone But Not Forgotten.


Remember when David Hahn tried to cut sailings rather than executive salaries (and not just his own) to cut the ballooning deficit he and his created?

Well, it would appear, based on an the docs released by FOI Request by Peter Ladner's Business in Vancouver, that he was planning us to screw us even more than he pretended.

Once again, Chris Montgomery has the story. Here's the 'screw the shareholders even more' part:

B(usiness) I(n) V(ancouver) is reporting that when Hahn announced the plan last summer, he was reported to have said cuts would affect only the Friday and Sunday extra sailings during the off season.

But the application apparently says the cuts could extend to August 31 of this year — “well into the busy summer season, and could affect weekday and holiday sailings.”...


Wonder when, exactly, the tipping point will be reached wherein normally clear-eyed commentators like, say, Dave Obee will retract their post-leaving hagiography of the good 'straight-talkin' Mr. Hahn.


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