Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fish Farm Fine Revisited


It is now three days after the ruling against the fish farm company 'Marine Harvest' for not returning wild fish to the 'wild'.

Yesterday, we mentioned that only one proMedia organ, the Campbell River Courier-Islander had reported on the matter.


There are now two reports.

The following is the lede from Judith Lavoie's piece in today's Victoria Times-Colonist:

The largest salmon-farming company in B.C. has been fined $5,000 after pleading guilty in Port Hardy provincial court to failing to return wild herring to the ocean.

The case was brought after Marine Harvest Canada was found in possession of wild herring in 2009 while transferring farmed Atlantic salmon at a Broughton Archipelago farm to a grading site.

Farms are supposed to return wild fish to their home waters.

Three other charges, relating to possession of wild pink salmon and herring, were stayed....

Nothing really ground-breaking in Ms. Lavoie's piece, except a couple of new 'he said/she said' quotes from the company's Spokesthingy and Alexandra Morton, but....

The real issue, in realMedia hardcore terms is that a local and a daily have now reported on this matter, sans wire service fodder.

So, will we finally see the Wurlitzer start to crank on this important story given that all kinds of codswallop has been flung at us on the basis of much flimsier reportage?

Don't bet on it.



Anonymous said...

The filthy diseased fish farms, have no respect for the eco system, for the wild salmon. There are no living marine creatures under those dirty fish farms. $5,000 for killing the herring is all they get? They should be fined, $100,000 and more. Better yet, they should have been forced to rip those disgusting fish farms, bloody well right out.

It is no secret, the media are a disgrace to their professions. Totally and completely useless.

RossK said...


I agree that the fine is small.

However, there is a lot of important precedence being set here, as Ms. Morton herself makes very clear.