Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wheelin' Wednesdays...


One of my real New Year's resolutions (as opposed to the faux ones) is to ride more and drive less.

I still ride everyday, but rarely all the way to and from work because I have the bike in the VW (notso)Microbus and get it out after I drop of littler e. at school etc. which is 3/4 of the way there.


Before I get going on the trips to the Western Edge of Lotusland from the Near Eastern Townships for real again, I have to buy a new bike as I currently monopolize C's.

And, unfortunately, I haven't done the buying yet.

So I don't have any new bike stories yet.

But I am working on the next story-cast.

And one of the things I am fiddling with is a bit of a dissection of Robert Stone's childhood and his first novel (because I am one of the few that actually loves the movie that arose from the latter).

Which somehow led me to Darnielle (for some of the background music).

And I have decided that I will never, ever again miss seeing that man's work if he comes within 200 miles of where I live (assuming he will always come up to Seattle at the very least if he makes it all the way to Portlandia).

And if anybody has any good advice on hybrids in the 700-800 dollar range, let me know, would'ya.


islandpapa said...

keep away from agt's morning route

Anonymous said...

Wait until hst gone to purchase new bike.

RossK said...


Ha! How the heck did you know about that?

(or did you)


That's kinda/sorta been one of my excuses, but I figure if I wait until the days really and truly start getting longer that the price increases will offset.


islandpapa said...

from agt oct 7 2010

Thursday October 7th:

7:35am: Driving the kids to school…”Hey George, Gina! Look who’s in the bike lane about half way up the street. The guy who hit my truck.” So I roll down the window, “Hey asshole, remember me?” and I start to edge into the bike lane. He panics and falls sideways off his bike and into some dense brush before Marine Crescent. No helmet again. Knees scrapped, cut and lying there like the pathetic cycling bully he is. I take a picture of him with my phone and I drive on…

8:10am: Still getting high fives from both kids. “You clowns are gonna be late, we’ll laugh more later, I promise.” Having a tough time getting them to stop laughing. Son says, “Dad, you should’ve pounded him for making Gina cry.” Gina says, “Daddy, can I bring you to school for show and tell one day?”