Thursday, January 05, 2012

Say What?....We Still Have The HST!?


Why yes Virginia, we do.

And, as Harvey O, (he's back!) points out, it's hurtin' retail sales:

"...In an article in The Vancouver Province about weak Christmas retail sales Dec. 28, experienced Credit Suisse analyst Gary Balter was commenting on the 40 per cent drop in Searts Canada’s share value in 2011.

Sears is in a lot of trouble in the US, because of the wretched economy …but Canada’s economy is relatively strong, our debt load is a fraction of the US, our consumer confidence is higher and our political situation is much more stable.

Yet all is not well in the retail sector here… especially as viewed from through the microcosm of Sears Canada. Why?

“Canada has been very, very difficult, due to the harmonized sales tax,” said Balter.

That’s not me saying it; not Bill Vander Zalm saying it; not some NDP critic saying it. No, it’s from an economist working for the well-known and trusted international financial analysis institution, Credit Suisse.

The HST indeed HAS had a dampening effect, to put it mildly, on major spending by British Columbians...."

Kinda makes you wonder what would have happened if all that gaming of the system by Heavy Kevvy's Boyz AND the millions spent by the the 'Smart Tax Alliance' had actually defeated that referendum, eh?



RossK said...

The following is from our good friend BC Mary, whose calls Blogspot appears to be screening....

Recently I got caught up with some “paperwork” in my personal life. Homely stuff like a proper Will, and Power of Attorney if I need help, stuff like that. Not taking over the world, but it added up to 12 documents in the lawyer’s office.

I didn’t think the invoiced amount was bad, considering everything: $775.00.

What I thought was bad, bad, awful bad was the long skinny hand of Harper-Con (or was it Christy-Con) reaching out to snatch the add-on: HST $100.75.

$100.75 for what, I ask. Wha-a-a-atttt?? [Stinker!]


Danneau said...

I wouldn't mind paying the taxes if I thought they were being used for the benefit of the general citizenry, but, that not being the case, I buck lightly every time I see Stevie/Christy's hand in my pocket. Having been a long-time enthusiast and teacher of French language and literature, I follow the news in that garlic-eating part of the world, and am amused to note that Sarko's solution to current woes is to add another 3% to the TVA (read HST) so they can lighten the load of social costs to employers, thus making them more competitive and ensuring employment and prosperity for all. It's beyond me that people still drink this Kool-Aid. Wills and POA are really important, especially where children are concerned, as is the designation of a guardian: we did that for our god son as his family is mostly off in the wilds of Ontario, and he's now well past the age of majority, so now my "obligation" is only presents at appropriate times and exchanges of bad jokes and internet videos. I'm a little ahead of you...

Rusty M said...

I seethe every time i read some nonsensical rhetoric about 'democracy in action' and how 'bill vander zalm's referendum was such a huge success in removing the hst'.

Contrary to reports that may suggest otherwise, that tax is still her with no indication of it ever being removed ...