Monday, January 02, 2012

An Idea Whose Time Has Come For Lotusand?


I'm talking about Salon's 'Hack-List'.

It is, as you might expect, U.S. American-O-Centric (i.e. Mark Halperin wins!).

"...Halperin spent 2011 gearing up for the presidential elections by parroting transparently lame spin from Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, insisting that Palin was really going to run for president and taking Trump’s farcical vanity “campaign” seriously as anything other than a time-wasting stunt. He still takes Mark Penn seriously as a wise campaign sage and not an amoral grifter. And he got in trouble for calling President Obama a “dick” on “Morning Joe,” because the president criticized the GOP at a press conference. (This after Halperin spends years writing columns calling him a weak-willed wimp, because he is a Democrat.) The worst thing was not that he called the president a dick, it was that the president hadn’t even been dickish. (Well, the worst thing was the whole “Morning Joe” team giggling like stoned teenagers that Halperin said a bad word.) Halperin is so dedicated to being wrong about everything that, upon his return to the airwaves, he actually made a point of mentioning that, had he been on TV during his suspension, he would’ve been wrong about something. Plus he did a “Morning Joe” appearance from an airplane bathroomwhich is surely illegal..."


If such a list were to be composed for British Columbia's hacks who would be your #1?



Anonymous said...

I would have on yours...

Tasha Kheiriddin
Vaughn Palmer
Michael Smyth
Bill Good
Leslie Boldt
Stephen Smart

And I would strongly recommend NOT putting on that list any pundit/hack who has a cheering section on Facebook... or a Facebook page recommending them for an Order of BC.

Rusty M said...

Although his beat isn't normally politics, i would nominate Jon Ferry of the Province as Number One Hack.

I have no idea who his audience is; it scares me to even think about that.

Usually, I can't get past the headline and one or two paragraphs before i flip the page.

More times than not, i just skip his lame crap completely ...

Bill said...

Hi Ross

Well when it comes to main stream spin the field is awash with topnotch talent here in BC. The Liberals are blessed with a plethora of press puppets covering their backsides, notably the three blind mice of Good, Palmer and Baldry - whom due to their eminent "top-dog" stature in the pack of hacks carry too much weight with their pronouncements backed by way too little honest investigation and balance. A huge disservice to the people of BC.

For my money in a very tight field, Baldry takes the highest dishonour for his ongoing deflection of reality in support of all things pro Christy and the spineless sycophants she parties with - at the cost of any semblance of good governance.


RossK said...

Thanks for the suggestions so far, everyone.

And thanks for helping us light the element under the pot of anti-flackhackery serum we already had sitting on the stove-top.


Kim said...

I would nominate Steven Smart and Tom Fletcher of the aptly named Black Press, as well as Les Leyne as candidates for the unemployment line.

Anonymous said...

I hve to agree, Ferry is no. 1. Then of course there is Bill Good, Fletcher. Pamela Martin isnt in the press right now but lets not forget her either. Palmer and Baldry are a special section. A long, long time ago they weren't bad but then ole' gordo came along and they decided to sing along. It was like their integrity went out the door. I know they had to make a living but even old whores have a line they don't cross.
Patricia Grahmn and her crew would qualify for the list also.

RossK said...


Things are heating up - thanks all.

Soon will time to ask folks who they feel is not a one hour hacktacularizer.