Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They Still Don't Call It The 'Music Music'


And try as they might to put the toothpaste back in their monopoly monger tube station at midnight with all their lobbyist-assisted assaults on intenets freedoms, the Multinationals that used to own the music business still can't stop the kids from doing it on their own.

Which is something I've talked a lot about before.


The first truly independent Uke Kid that I got hooked on was Julia Nunes, who was brought to my attention by our good friend Santa Rosa Jon.

Which led to the post below which, coupled with that damned Hansard, set me off on a musical DIY thing that I roped my own kids into for an entire year.


My original post on Ms. Nunes is from way back in dinosaur times as far as the YouTubes go (i.e. early 2008).


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coolin' Up The Old Guy, Pt III


To tell you the truth, I don't think this one will raise my coolness quotient with the hipsters in the lab one iota.

But that doesn't matter.

Because this kid, who works the UKE Tube like nobody else, is herself just plain cool.

I mean this is nothing short of unbridled DIY taken to that level, of, how to say it.....

.....Pure joy?

Even if she is wearing a hat because "her hair looks stupid, not 'cause it's cold."



What is Ms. Nunes, who is no longer really a kid, doing today?


All kinds of crazy stuff .

All on her own.

Stuff like generating tons 'o money from her fans to make albums, and touring, and, now....

....Taking calls from the people on the TeeVee.

Who says that, in a lot of ways, the world is not a better place than it used to be?



Your driver said...

Yep, Julia is still cool. I guess I should work on my blog now that you've gone and made me famous again.

RossK said...


Are you still on your quest?