Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once A Political Bully?


The Province published a great letter to the editor from Delta teacher Grace Hoover on Sunday.

Here's the heart of the matter as Ms. Hoover sees it:

...January 28 (2012) marks a black day in B.C. history, a decade since (Christy) Clark as education minister stripped 70 teacher collective agreements of working conditions and classsize provisions without any consultation.

This action cut over $300 million a year from public education and, in exchange, gave the same amount of money as major tax concessions to multinational corporations.

Teachers believe Clark personifies the worst qualities of a bully, abusing power without remorse...

Enough said?



bewlay said...

Let them wear pink shirts...or eat cake...gosh...it's sure confusing these days...

Rusty M said...

yes, but she has such a nice smile and looks so friendly in all those photos, how can you do anything except love her, and honour her, and respect her?

lenin's ghost said...


chant it and clap your hands..drink the koolaid!!!

evil smirk while she fucks the poor!