Sunday, January 08, 2012

When Blogging Was So Punk Rock


Another Sunday story for your listening enjoyment....

You can read it, if you would rather, here.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Political philosophies aside, I'd never looked at free thinking blogs as comparative to what I know as the Spirit of '76. That Spirit, lasting itself, if not in its influence, not more than four years or so, maybe a little more than that in the far flung corners of Mother England's Empire, such as ours, has been outlived by the good, creative, fuck you blogs of today. Perhaps because, not having riches bestowed upon them, today's internet pressmen and women, cannot afford to live fast and die young like the Spirit of '76 and so many of the shining individuals who gave it spark. Intead we are saddled with internet bills and the costs associated with buying new computers of ever varying description and repairing and maintaining old ones.

Enlightening story Gazz - I look at my own production and that of my self-edited fellows in a new, more favourable, light.

We do, many of us, still live in free countries. We must continue to use our liberty or lose it.

RossK said...

The thing is Beer, I think we came to it from two different places.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I reckon you started blogging because it allowed to free-wheel with words and ideas and, dare I suggest it, art.

Me, I came to it from the fever swamps of American Left Blogistan, which really was a place where the politically disaffected (and don't forget I lived and started my family in the States, in the People's Republic of Berkeley, not long before the arrival of Bushworld II) could get together and run wild on reality. Thus, it is only more recently that I've started to truly have fun with trying out the words and (non-ideological) idea stuff.

Regardless, when I crank out something original that I'm proud of I really do get that "down-in-the-basement, DIY, now lets go show it to the world!" kind of feeling just like that magic time of which you speak.

And I'm pretty sure you, and others like us do to.

Which is all the more remarkable given that we do have the internet bills, etc. to deal with every single bloody day.