Sunday, April 05, 2015

A Question For The Fine Folks That Run The Globe And (NoLongerEmpire) Mail.


Hey, Globe folks.

We couldn't help but notice the following passage from Gary Mason's recent column about John Furlong that your headline writers titled, in part, 'In The Clear':

...The impact of the allegations that he (Mr. Furlong) faced undoubtedly cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in earning potential. His appearances on the speaking circuit virtually dried up. He’ll never recover that money. His legal bills must be mountainous, and they’re not over. While Mr. Furlong has dropped his libel suit against the journalist who wrote a story containing allegations of physical abuse at a Catholic school near Burns Lake, Laura Robinson is not abandoning her countersuit against him.

The claims in the article, that he strapped some students and verbally bullied and insulted others, never resulted in any charges. He has steadfastly denied the contentions, although many will always wonder why he left this earlier brief period out of his memoir...

Now, leaving aside, at least for the moment, Mr. Mason's drive-by conflation of the cases that collapsed in court last week and the issues (and sworn affidavits) brought to light by Ms. Laura Robinson in her original story in the GStraight...

What we would really like to know is why you fine folks at the Globe did not feel that it was a conflict of interest for Mr. Mason to write a column in which he clearly has a stake in the conclusion touted given that it was he who 'wrote' the memoir that did not account for the five years between 1969, when Mr. Furlong said he first arrived in our fair country,  and 1974, when he actually did arrive?

And why does that five years matter?

Because it contains that 'brief period' Mr. Mason mentioned when Mr. Furlong worked at that school in Burns Lake.

That's why.



North Van's Grumps said...

almost the last paragraph in the link to the Georgia Straight says it all on the missing ......

Inside his book’s inside dust jacket, Furlong is described as “a born storyteller”.

North Van's Grumps said...

Further Reading:

Bob Mackin The Tyee Furlong's co-author Mason says he was told nothing about Burns Lake

Dec. 13, 2003-published Irish Independent newspaper story ("The last moments of our beloved Siobhan") to question Furlong's version of the personal grief from a terrorist attack in Dublin that killed his cousin, Siobhan Roice.

"The last moments of our beloved Siobhan" ...... Siobhan Roice was 19 when she died; the Dublin-Monaghan bomb controversy has now dragged on for a further 29 years. And it may have some distance still to go. ...

Dublin-Monaghan Wikipedia

Dublin-Monaghan Bombs - Chronology of Events

Ireland: Baron Report report confirms British collusion in 1974 Dublin bombings - Steve James - December 23, 2003

The Irish government has approved the publication of a report into the origins of bomb attacks in Dublin and Monaghan in 1974. Thirty-three people were killed in the atrocity, the single most bloody event in the entire period of the “Troubles” in Ireland, and the lives of hundreds more were marred by injuries to themselves, friends and family members.

The report, prepared by former Irish Supreme Court judge Henry Barron, runs to some 448 pages and gives considerable insight into the attacks and the failed investigation by the Irish police. No one has ever been convicted of the attacks. .............

Dana said...

They continue to give a serial plagiarizer a column; they have a publisher who overrides the paper's editorial board in favour of his preferred asshat; they continuously endorse the Harperians, probably because of the same dynamic that resulted in the Ontario asshat endorsement; they hired the sports hack to write shit other than sports in the first place and we already know they love their blunders - see item one.

The G&M is now a Harperian rag and has been for several years now. The pretensions to national relevance are the result of a collective cranial-anal inversion.

Alison said...

Paul Wells and Jesse Brown discuss the media's appalling treatment of Laura Robinson here, beginning at 22:30, noting that the best media can do now to recover any credibility on it is to cover her suit against Furlong.

RossK said...

Thanks, as always, NVG--



How, exactly, does one wear that hat while that particular inversion continues?


Thanks very much Alison.

Hadn't heard it yet (funny how much of my podcasting listening happens at work now that I've turned off most local terrestrial radio schlock)...

Mr. Brown certainly is incredulous and Mr. Wells, while unwilling to deal with this, including Macleans own coverage, head-on (i.e. he uses the 'perfect gentleman' analogy thingy by way of illustration), does have an interesting anecdote that puts Mr. Furlong's (and Mr. Mason's) 'storytelling' in some perspective.