Thursday, April 09, 2015

Federal Election Rising...Is The Outcome Inevitable?


Is the outcome inevitable?

Bill Tieleman, writing for whomever owns 24 Hours this hour, thinks it just may be:

...With the Conservatives at 32%, the Liberals at 28% and the NDP at 23% in a national Ekos poll in late March, none are close to the magic 40% needed for a majority government.

So a minority government is most likely — but is a coalition possible?

The more a coalition is talked about before an election, the more voters will wonder exactly what they’re getting afterwards.

A Conservative-Liberal coalition government? A Liberal-NDP government? An NDP-Liberal government?

All are theoretically possible. Even the Bloc Quebecois and Green parties could be involved if they have enough seats.

And a coalition government with what policies and priorities? Which prime minister?

But for the Conservatives, the coalition word has an irresistible charm. It’s how they defeated the ill-fated Liberal-NDP attempt to push them out of office in 2008 without an election — and how fear of another possible coalition gave Harper his majority win in 2011...

Now, regardless where the splits are in three months, or even six, I agree with Mr. T. that the evils of a coalition will be a bell ringer for Mr. Harper's base mobilization efforts.

But geez....

Do these splits mean that I'm going to have to cue up the strategic voting thingy all over again?

Oh boy.



Anonymous said...

The Liberal democrats party
The new liberal democatic party
The liberal new democrats party

North Van's Grumps said...

17% for the Greens,

Go Claire Martin!!! Axe Andrew Saxton

Hugh said...

You mean there are people who would actually vote Conservative?

Chuckstraight said...

Coalition is fine with me- I am a pretty hard core NDP supporter, but my ideal gov`t would include Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Nathan Cullen, Elizabeth May, and so on..... But the Conservatives have to go as far as I am concerned.

Grant G said...

Both the NDP and Justin Trudeau have ruled out a coalition government..

This is politics,...Bill Tieleman in my opinion is just fanning the flames...

Let me put it another way, every Canadian minority government is in fact a coalition government, meaning they need another party to support their legislation to get it passed, minority governments seldom bring in ugly legislation or act like brutes..Minority governments are fine, much safer for the real people under minority rule.

Andrew Coyne and a couple of other rightwing MSM columnists have been slowly beating the coalition government drums, for no other reason than to fire up Harper`s conservative base..

Wait for it, watch for it, very soon the vested interests people will be proclaiming a Trudeau Liberal/Bloc government, and or a NDP/Bloc Government..All in an effort to strike fear in the grazing flock.

Lastly..look to later this month for new polls showing movement in the electorate.

Harper won`t be happy.

Here is Andrew Coyne`s little snowball meme from March 18/2015..

Watch the rightwing zealots heave, push and strain to get that snowball up that hill, and make it grow.

Meanwhile Ross K...We need progressives like you and others to pour melt water on any coalition government water cooler prattle.

Are people`s memories so short that they can`t remember yesterday..

"Happy New Year"


Anonymous said...

Harper's such a slut he'll jump in with anyone who will give him the juice.

Look for the CPC/BQ conflation.

RossK said...


Now wouldn't that be interesting...