Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Translink Referendum Shuffle...Bonfire Of The Flack-Hackeries (ctd).


As we have noted (over and over and over and over and over again) before, the only certain winners in this plebiscite thing will be the flack-hackery.

On both sides. 

And the irony?

Even when they are not even trying (apparently) they can pop up out of nowhere.

Bob Mackin noted this in his latest post, which led with a bit on the role of Mr. Pattison in the thing:

...Reporter Jon Woodward’s March 31 story for CTV News Vancouver on the results of GPS maker TomTom’s annual congestion survey included man-on-the-street interviews at a Chevron fuel station. One of those interviews happened to be with a provincially registered lobbyist for Chevron.
Watch it here and look out for the two-minute, 14-second mark, where a man I recognized as Gabe Garfinkel says: “I’m going to vote yes because I think it’s just too congested. I’d rather have time at work or with my family or my friends than waiting in my car.”

Garfinkel is a vice-president with FleishmanHillard and a former aide to Premier Christy Clark...


I wonder if Uncle Bob has heard from Mr Woodard re: the total coincidence of this particular appearance of Mr. Garfinkle on our TeeVees?

On a tangential flack-hackerian note...Also thanks to the hard work of Mr. Mackin, we know that the folks behind the turnstiles were going to have their lobbyist wine and dine local officials this very evening at Seasons In The Park...Unfortunately, this event was cancelled last week...And, to be very clear here, there is no truth to the rumour that the cancellation was driven, at least in part, because of the temporary shortage in tastefully-appointed neck troughs...



Lew said...

Interesting that Pattison Outdoor Advertising does not include the transit system in Vancouver among its clients, despite holding the transit advertising contracts in well over 20 major municipalities in Canada. It appears that when Pattison advertises his car dealerships with Translink on the buses, he has to place the ad with his major competitor, Lamar.

Now, if he is to properly execute his role as budget watchdog for Translink, surely he has to have access to the books in order to see where the money is being spent. Does that mean he gets to have a look at the financial dealings between Translink and his major competitor for signage?

Unknown said...

Are you saying Mr Garfinkle may actually be Feelin' Groovy as he enjoys the Sound of Silence while Homeward Bound on Translink?

RossK said...


A most interesting question.

Perhaps if the Translink's boards meetings on such matters were open to the public we might be able to garner an answer.



I would never, ever suggest such a thing.

Although, I might (but only hypothetically, of course) wonder if, by chance, the good Mr. Garfinkle is ever seen slip-sliding away from a faregate or seven on any oil-soaked greenbacks?


JasonS said...

Harvey has something to add.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Even on the ballot itself, the "yes" side included their pitch which would seem to be counter to elections B.C. rules. The "yes" side has tilted the table so much in their favor that the only thing left is to slip a monetary incentive to voters for an exchange for their support. Oh wait, there is still three more weeks left. Plenty of time.

sd said...

Man ,I read Bob's blog and thought if this isn't a cash clusterf#$k,then I don't know what is!