Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cronification In Clarkland...Has The Lede Buried In Burke Mountain Been Split In Two?


To his credit Les Leyne of the VTC has partially unburied a lede on the Clarklandian Crown Asset Sales Bonanza by writing about the leaked Emails that indicate both the speed at which this was (and presumably still is being) done and why:

...In a note from June 2013, a month after the election, to a team tasked with selling a parcel directly behind the legislature buildings, an official said that to be part of the sale and development “is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity that normally would warrant years of planning and preparation.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited time — our goal is to have For Sales up by Oct. 31 with sale proceeds in the bank by March 31 [of the next year].”....


...Another email read into the record was from an assistant deputy minister, written in May 2013, just days after the election. It was addressed to dozen officials charged with asset sales across government. It makes crystal-clear what various cabinet ministers are having trouble this week confessing. “As you are aware, asset sales is a key initiative for the government to balance the budget in fiscal 2013/14. The fiscal plan includes a net gain of $350 million from this initiative this year which we are collectively committed to achieve.”...

But here's the thing.

When it comes to the big sales atBurke Mountain, which Mr. Leyne talks about specifically as well, there is not one mention of who actually bought most of the land for, as the buyer claimed yesterday, 'fair market value'.

Curious that, no?

And, for the record (and, yes Record Store Day Is Coming!), some idiot bloggers lacking in establishment credibility saw this exercise in budgetary ponzification for what it was BEFORE the last election.



sd said...

The clarklandians in the leg claim it was fair market also.Then they mocked the NDP for not understanding B'ness. I think we all know what B,ness they're up to.

Anonymous said...


While Christy sells off the family jewels, Coquitlam looks to the future and invests 11 million in land on Burke Mountain:

North Van's Grumps said...

Christy selling off the family jewels? Impossible

Bill said...

This reminds me of the story of the lost hikers burning their clothes to keep warm.In this case, to keep a friend warm.

Anonymous said...

All too true but sometimes I wonder who is listening, little owne comprehending what is going on here.
Sheer madness on every level. but only the bloggers get it. I sometimes pine for days when crooks tried to hide their crimes, not boast in the Leg.

RossK said...


I'm not as pessimistic.

After all, if you take the triumvirate of Mackin, Yuile and Farrell I think they can make a dent in the proMedia quite often.

And besides, I'm not sure how much longer the puffed-up proPunditry will actually be around if Paul Willcocks' latest bloggorific post is any indication of the true state of Postmedia.


Anonymous said...