Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Botched English Bay Oil Spill Response, ctd....Show Us The Kits Coast Guard Base Logs Damnit!


As we have noted before, Shane Woodford of CKNW has split himself off from the herd by consistently refusing to buy the party line on the matter of whether or not the Kits base would actually matter.

And yesterday Mr. Woodford spoke to the manager of the Jericho Sailing Club, Mike Cotter, and got his take on the situation:

...Mike Cotter says James Moore and other BC Tory MPs are being fed misinformation from Coast Guard brass who say Kits Base wouldn’t have been a factor in the English Bay fuel spill response.

“I know it to be absolutely false. I witnessed them responding to spills. I was familiarized with the environmental emergency response equipment they had. I was onboard there vessel. They had a dedicated pollution response vessel.”

Cotter says the logs and records from Kits Base should be made public.

“They will clearly show that, that vessel was based there. They will clearly show the crews had training. The ships logs will also show they responded to spills.”

Cotter says The Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Coast Guard Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner are lying when they say Kits Base had no pollution response equipment and would not have been a factor in the fuel spill response...

Strong words, indeed.


Let's see those logs.

And if the Coast Guard won't give them to us, perhaps the former commander of the base Fred Moxey, who has also been outspoken about this issue, might just happen to have a copy.



ron wilton said...

You guys still don't understand conspeak.
They think they are not lying when they say the Kits Bay vessel had no equipment and would not have been a factor because they knew at the time of the spill the vessel had been stripped of it's equipment and was ashore somewhere else, therefore according to conspeak truthiness the vessel could not assist or respond or be a factor.

RossK said...


Ahhh....Of course...Now I get it.

That and bunker oil is more ethical, and therefore more betterer, than dungeon oil.

Or some such thing.


sd said...

Virk makes no sense when responds.