Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Does It Even Matter What Mr. Fassbender Knew And When He Knew It?


You know the story....

The Vancouver school board decided to audit itself and soon thereafter the Clarklandian Minister responsible for privatizing all learning in British Columbia, Mr. Peter Fassbender, announced his own audit of the VSB.

Well now, according to Carlito Pablo writing the GStraight,  the new chair of of the VSB, Christopher Richardson, has stated that he notified Mr. Fassbender's ministry of his board-ordered audit prior to Mr. Fassbender's announcement.

Not true said Mr. Fassbender on Tuesday in the legislature:

“Neither I nor the ministry team were aware prior to our announcement of the special adviser that Vancouver had made an in-camera decision, which was in camera and happened the Tuesday before the Thursday that I made the announcement.”


Somebody is flat-out lying (and/or prevaricating - notice the word 'team' tagged onto the word 'ministry' by Mr. Fassbender, for example).

But does it even matter given the following from the CPablo piece:

...Fassbender also said that upon learning of the Vancouver school board’s contract with Price Waterhouse Coopers, he offered to “pay any cancellation charges that they may have incurred or would incur in cancelling the review that they had done”.

“I did that for a very specific reason. They are not the same review,” Fassbender also said...

In other words, Mr. Fassbender was going to get what he wanted no matter what.

Which just further demonstrates what a sham-of-a-shamified shim-sham-shimmy is going down here.


And, just to be very clear here...I, for one, do think that what Mr. Fassbender knew and when he knew it very much matters with respect to the timing of the Casino Industrial Complex deal (scroll down a little)...


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sd said...

Fackbender,Fartbender, whatever you call him he is an extreme ideologue with NO ETHICS.