Thursday, April 09, 2015

#Duffy...Nevermind The Trial, Check Out The Diary.


Actually, Justin McElroy proMedia blogger guy has already done both the checking and the outing for us.

And what he came up with is most interesting/disturbing/hilarious.

My favourite bit is the one about where to shave and apply the deodorant hitting the road to do a little, you guessed it, speechifying:

...Flying from Toronto to Fredericton to give a speech on March 23, 2009, Duffy’s diary notes he had no time to shave or shower before leaving Toronto Pearson Airport. However, his diary’s next entry says “Fly Toronto to Fred-ton arr @ 10:47 am, shave and pits in washroom.”

Where the “shave and pits” action occurred is anyone’s guess. Right before he made his speech? In the airport washroom? In the *shudder* airplane itself?

Canadians may never know...


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