Monday, April 06, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Exhumation (Of The Good Friday Tweet).

First, take a fistful of 'word salad'...

Next, mix in a healthy dollop of incoherent 'cortical sushi'...

Finally, add a dash of 'say anything'...



 Its the ultimate in...

 'Ass-Hattery Fusion Cuisine'!

The Twitt-Tags to Ms. Clark's now infamous Tweet are pretty darned amazing to behold...



Anonymous said...

The wife say's when there's very little upstairs to process, it's not uncommon to make such idiotic statements. What is sad is that she is the leader of our Province. And her climb to the top has more to do with her connections than her ability to thought processing.
And who am I to argue with the wife ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark...always on the campaign trail...even when it crosses the bunny trail where she confuses a rabbit for Jesus or some other such nonsense.

Lew said...

I’m guessing either J. P. Fraser slipped her the script for Labor Day by mistake, or he doesn’t vet her public offerings.

Someone that desperately needs a qualified communications pro shouldn’t make nepotistic OIC appointments to the position.

Don F. said...

I'm at a loss for words….

RossK said...


And that is why your wife will never be a paid-up member of the Lotuslandian proMedia Punditry Club

(and I mean that as the highest compliment possible)



And on this trail, when Pilate stops for a meet-'n-greet his hands are always clean so as the Sparkle Ponies proffered to the people are always most immaculately conceived.

Or some such nonsensical nonsensity.



'PAB-Bots Gone Wild!'

Now that's a blockbuster worthy of a JP Fraser directorship....And the producers/backers would be....?



Maybe if we came up with a snappy tune the lyrics would follow.


I know....Maybe something from Webber & Rice.

You know that one that starts with a bit of phraseology that CC can identify with.

Like, say....


(and, as an added bonus, in the tune above they're wearing togas and everything)


Anonymous said...

Obviously, Clark's script writers, being a holiday, had the weekend off and she had to rely on her own intellect and we all know what that can produce.

RossK said...


The 'Intern-Didn't-Do-It' defense?



Unknown said...

While on a break from her religious studies course at the University of Edinburgh, entitled "The Meaning of Easter" Christy climbs to the highest parapet atop Edinburgh Castle and loudly proclaims that she can see Margaret Thatcher's back porch from here. Hurrying back before she is missed, she arrives just as the part about the crucifixion has ended.

RossK said...



But, another school of academically touristic thought suggests that they actually had 'Sound Of Music School' that day...Rumour has it our leader missed the part where Rolf turns out to be the bad guy. Thus, it was Cadbury Cremes and Marzipan Dreams for all of the truly deserving and hardworking in the Alps Above Edinburgh that Easter.

Or, alternatively, maybe it was a fused Religion/Music class that day.

One thing is for sure - as we all know the dorm room porch sighting of Ms. Thatcher really did happen according to our Ms. Clark at least.



Anonymous said...

might have twitted right after this letter?

RossK said...


Double Ha!

(and couldn't help but notice the difficulty she had in keeping signature within the lines; kinda/sorta like colouring and/or paint-by-the-numbers I guess)


Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

"hard work and sacrifice are rewarded" You bet there christy. the last time i checked the guy got crucified. I guess that is some sort of reward, but not the type most of us would be looking for.

Of course, here in b.c. all sorts of things have "funny" rewards, you know like being a kid in B.C., you have a better chance of living below the poverty line.

Speaking of hard work and sacrifice, the min wage earners are getting a 20 cent an hr raise, sure is a great reward their christy.

John's Aghast said...

You gotta wonder where else someone without a formal education can go from radio announcer to premier in one 'who thought it would be so easy' step.
Way to go BC!

RossK said...

But think of the fun we are going to have with this for every single holiday from now on.

Already have an idea for a booty-shakin' Queen Vic.