Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Afternoon In Clarkland...In Which The Speed Racier Minister May Want To Slow Down And Pay Attention.


In this case we're talking about Mr. Todd Stone, not Flyin' Phil.

Because if Mr. Stone thinks that evasion tactics like the following, in response to a question about the need to repair retaining walls on the still-pretty-darned-new Sea-To-Sky (super-secret) Tollway, are going to be the end of it...

...Today NDP transportation critic Claire Trevena brought up the most recent repair in the legislature, asking why repairs are needed on what is essentially a brand new highway and asked the Minister of Transportation Todd Stone to submit the safety reports/audit of the retaining walls.

Minister Stone advised at times mitigative work is done on all corridors in the province and completely- and quite shamefully- evaded her questions on the safety/inspection reports by talking about how the NDP opposed many projects in the province!...


The good Mr. Stone doesn't know Laila.

Say what?!.....The Sea-To-Sky has tolls?!....Yuppers...And you and I are paying for them, whether we drive that road or not...Laila had that story first also.



North Van's Grumps said...

The gas tax collected at the pumps in Metro Vancouver can't be given to TransLink, or the Mayors Council, because it has been used to pay for the Sea To Sky Highway which doesn't have a Toll. It will be paid off in to years.

North Van's Grumps said...

"in thirty years" not .... "in to"

Unknown said...

After an exhaustive search, in which no rcords were kept or found, the BC Liberals are proud to report that they have successfully replaced stoneWally Oppal with their current choice, Stonewally Todd

Anonymous said...

To speed and obfuscate




Anonymous said...

" On time and on budget."

" we taxpayers continue paying S2S upwards of $50 million a year, the exact amount depending on a number of factors, including how well it performs and the volume of traffic.
According to the value-for-money study prepared by Partnerships BC, the provincial agency created to promote P3s, the outlay over the life of the project for taxpayers will be in the order of $2 billion.
If the province were to have upgraded the highway and continued to maintain it as a totally public project, it would have cost $300 million less over the 25-year life of the deal."


Guy in Victoria

James King, Victoria said...

I think the link to Laila's place may be broken Ross!
It would be a shame people if people don't end up at her place....

RossK said...

Linked to Laila's fixed.

Thanks JK.


Anonymous said...

Quid pro Dough?

RossK said...


Played on a dobro?


scotty on denman said...

Sea-to-Sky lap steal.