Friday, April 03, 2015

Treaty Commission Shuffle..Look Whose Water The Premier Has Been Carrying.


Well, well, well...

Look what we have at the front-end of the longest long weekend of the year, brought to us first by the ever reliable stenography of the CP's Mr. Meissner:

VICTORIA - A strong federal commitment to treaty-making in Canada is needed to speed up land-claims deals that move at a glacial pace and cost too much money, especially in British Columbia, said a report released Friday.

The 92-page report by Doug Eyford, who is Prime Minister Stephen Harper's aboriginal envoy, said First Nations across Canada agree the federal government is only willing to meet its minimum legal obligations on the issue, even though an attitude adjustment and major shift in direction is required.

The New Direction report urges the government to get fully engaged in the treaty process and determine what talks should move forward or be abandoned...


...The report paid close attention to B.C. where a modern treaty-negotiation process was introduced in 1993 but has only produced four treaties among more than 200 First Nations.

Most B.C. First Nations, with the exception of less than two dozen aboriginal groups, have not signed land-claims treaties. The majority of the treaties date back to the mid-1800s, when B.C. was a colony and Vancouver Island First Nations signed agreements with governor James Douglas.

Eyford said B.C. believed it would have settled most of its treaties by now.

"After more than 20 years of negotiations, it is clear those expectations were overly ambitious if not unrealistic," he said in the report. "Substantial changes are required if treaty-making is to become more effective."

B.C. Premier Christy Clark signalled a change recently when her cabinet refused to approve former Liberal cabinet minister George Abbott as the commissioner who oversees the treaty process...


Is it possible that the good Mr. Flanagan (and/or his super-secret back-channel card carrying Straussian envoy) has a direct line to CC's inner sanctum?

And as for Ron and all his Obviousness?

Do you think that even he has clued in by now?

And we can only wonder...Are any of the local Puffed-Up Punditry even working this weekend?...I guess we'll soon find out.


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