Friday, April 10, 2015

English Bay Oil Spill...No Volunteers Required.


Yes that's right, no volunteers are being used in the clean-up because...

The folks trying to clean things up are all hazmat suits, all the time.

At least for the moment.

How do I know this for sure?

Because our fine Mayor sent me a 'personal' Email message about this latestdevelopment earlier this afternoon:

...Hundreds of people have contacted us, asking how they can help. The federal government has advised the City that the formal oil spill clean-up of the shoreline will begin this afternoon, with crews in protective gear, and there is no involvement for volunteers. I appreciate the thousands of offers that have come in to help, and we will continue to work with the federal and provincial authorities to find ways for our volunteers to help.

Our focus as a City is assisting the federal and provincial governments in any way we can to control the oil spill and clean up our waters and shores. In the coming days, you can expect the Vision team to be asking the tough questions about what went wrong and what needs to change.

Thanks for your support,


Did I mention previously that the Mayor and I operate on a first name basis?


Must have slipped my mind.

Meanwhile, in word-salad land...The wizards and watercarriers, they be talkin' crazy.



e.a.f. said...

Glad you and Mayor moonbeam are on a first name basis now. its oh so friendly and working class. Just one of the people I do mean he did finally come home from vacation

Moore and his side kick in uniform, just another great job, 80% of the oil in 36 hr., how great, how wonderful. How come there is still oil out there? Can hardly wait for one of those big tankers to spill. I'm sure we will get the same response from the Cons. 80% of tens of thousands of gallons of tar, is still a lot of tar

If we are going to protect our environment we will have to rid our selves of the Cons and the Christy Clarkers.

Don F. said...

The fact they are so concerned about volunteers or eyes in the area can mean many things. Is it that they are concerned about safety or is it something more sinister as was witnessed in Kalamazoo?
I for one am past believing in their good intentions.

Moore considers the response as "exceptional". Again exceptional can mean many things. Exceptionally poor would be my take.

North Van's Grumps said...

Hey Sonny (RossK) I remember a time, the morning after the night before of the Celebration of Light on July 29, 2010 - it was. The pavement, grass and sand of English Bay, Stanley Park, Kitsilano, Burrard and Granville Street Bridges were covered in garbage.

There were Volunteers the next morning, (possibly the same people the morning after the night before Stanley Cup Riot (Photo-Op Christy too, riding her broom)) private garbage collector offering their services and equipment at no charge .... but were asked to leave because that massive clean up job belonged to municipal employees.

Gregor made the same speech back then as he did today.

However, there truly is a pot of gold at the end of rainbow from Gregor. Now we know that if we move all that Celebration of Light garbage down to the shore, below the Winter High Tide Mark, then the responsibility lies with the Federal and Provincial governments to pick up the tab$$$$$$, eh

Anonymous said...

Hey, am I the last person on earth to find out, or notice that the CPC?Harperites are closing the Vancouver marine communication centre on May 6?

Unifor Local 2182 spokesperson Scott Hodge said he's worried about what this means for monitoring Burrard Inlet.

"In Vancouver for instance, the traffic centre is located on the harbour. They have radar coverage in most of the harbour. There are blind spots in the radar, but when you view out the window you can see the entire harbour," he said.

"Once the centres move to Victoria, that'll be lost."

Anonymous said...

maybe they dont want public to see or worry about future dilbit which,tends to sink.?

Don F. said...

The first time I heard that someone with a title ending in CORP. was handling the cleanup it got my attention.
Now it seems we are in bed further and further reliant on guess who?
Kinder Morgan is the majority owner of the company Western Canada Marine Response Corp. hired and payed for by your tax dollars.
Doesn't that just give us goosebumps?

Anonymous said...

For anybody who wants to look around...

Here's a tide chart (google has plenty-O-others if you don't like this one)

Next low tide is 7am Sunday morning, then Sunday afternoon at 6:40pm.

e.a.f. said...

yes, they are closing it and we can expect people to die, but don't worry, we have Bill c-51 to save us from the terrorists. Now to keep that station open, all we have to do is tell stevie there are terrorist out there talking. People dying at sea has never been high on harper and his Cons agenda.