Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Our Favourite Lotuslandian April Fools's Prank So Far...


...Is the story from Andy Priest of the North Shore News about revenue-generating 'safety' turnstiles to be installed along wilderness trails on provincial lands.

We especially liked this part:

...All trail users — including mountain bikers, hikers, climbers and runners — would need to register for a “NatureCard” that they would then swipe any time they wished to pass through a gate. The user-friendly system would deduct a small fee right out of the user’s bank account for every swipe.

“We’re blazing a trail to a greener future,” said a ministry official who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the preliminary nature of the plan. The move follows other wildly popular user-fee initiatives in the province such as the Port Mann Bridge toll and TransLink’s Compass Card.

“It’s time to face facts — those mountains aren’t paying for themselves,” the official said, adding that money collected would go towards improvements such as wider trails, plentiful cellphone towers and better-looking trees...

And no, in case you were wondering, the man of many hats did not make an appearance.

Our only concern, of course, is that this particular story may actually give he and his ideas.




Anonymous said...

Yet on April Fools day Christy Clark tweeted a serious comment along with a picture. Problem is the picture is of a guy in prison...and she disn't know....until it was pointed out and then quickly deleted..


Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

The fellow behind the new card is now an avid North Shore mountain biker who created the current governance Board model for Translink. The former Transportation/Finance Minister has been seen on a number of occasions wearing T-shirts and shorts as tightly fitted (sheer) as a BC Liberal balanced budget written by the current Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

RossK said...


Ya, I saw that.


As much as I deride Ms. Clark for the ridiculous things she does on purpose, I really do think that tweet was not meant to provoke in anyway (i.e. I really do think it was accidental).




Me still laughing.

I will never forget the former Transporty-Financier Minister's turn as a high-powered ice cream bar waiter for wealthy patron's aboard one of said patron's, wait for it....



Unknown said...

Shoulda been accompanied by a cover of Big Yellow Taxi

Anonymous said...

no seat belt ?running red light also? looks like an action shot in background as blurry.And that entertainer is where now?
on april fools day.

RossK said...

Not so littler E--

Are you really sure you want me to start trying to cover Joni?!



Oh boy...didn't notice that


Anonymous said...

jim pattison must be happy. on translink now and first store to offer wine ,wait for it,, save on foods in surrey . and who owns save on ,richest person in BC?no foolin.