Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...In Which The Rubes Are Told That The 'Safeguards' Will Save Them.


From Mr. Palmer's report on privacy commissioner Denham's pushback on Bill 20, the thing that would, as currently written, give names, ranks and serial numbers of voters to political parties in the VSun:

...“This information could only be used for an electoral purpose, and misuse of such information would be an offence. Government believes that there are sufficient safeguards in the Election Act and does not intend to withdraw the amendment.”...

Now, just to be very clear here, the statement above comes from the BC Liberal Governnment of one Christy Clark.

You know she who is the Premier whose very own premierly supreme office actually hatched a plan to target certain groups of voters in certain ridings in the run-up to the last election.

And who then ran an internal investigation that suppressed thousands of pages of documents until after the election, one of which that turned out to be a certain Email that, it would appear, has caused a just a wee bit of consternation since.

But the Rubes should not worry their pretty heads.

Because, according to the good Mr. Palmer at least, Ms. Always Campaigning is on the case:

...Attorney General Suzanne Anton seized on Denham’s fallback position, namely her willingness to work with chief electoral officer Keith Archer on regulatory protections against abuse of the information...

Feel better now?

And, just in case you have forgotten, it was the good Mr. Palmer himself who told us, in a column last fall, that that hatched plan mentioned above, and I quote, "did not prove to be a decisive issue in the campaign itself"....Gosh, I can't imagine why that 'proved' to be the case....I mean, maybe if he and his had set-up a 'war room' or something, things might have turned out a little bit differently....Especially if, say, they had found a certain Email that was so effectively tucked away by the Premier's minion's 'investigation' until AFTER the election.



sd said...

Like Lew said a while ago" It ain't over"!

chuckstraight said...

I don`t feel good about this at all- news of this is not exactly on the nightly news.

Lew said...

Anton and Clark have safeguards too. I'm very sure one of those safeguards is the ever reliable Vaughn Palmer.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, read the local news and think I'm living in a banana republic. Except I don't see bananas growing outside and I would be foolish to swim in the nearby ocean without a hazmat suit. The only similarity appears to be an electorate seemingly content to vote for a Premier for Life SFU drop-out who would make Imelda Marcos blush with pride.