Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Justin Trudeau Waffle Suit.


Yesterday we learned that Justin Trudeau would rather form a coalition with an NDP party-party led Tommy Hunter than Tommy Mulcair.

Or some such thing.

And now, today, it would appear that the good Mr. Trudeau has decided that he won't work with anybody from the Rusty Staub party-party whatsoever.

Not even one led by Tommy Tu-Tone and/or the ghost of Tommy Douglas.


One can only wonder if the FedCons are even going to bother sending out the Junior Segretti Division (TM), for real, on this one.

Just in case you've forgotten...There really was a Dipper 'Waffle' faction back in the good ol' days.
And, for the record....In a fit of stupid, couldn't stop myself from hashtagging a theme on the Twittmachine last night after I got home and should have been working on Geezer Rock cover tunes instead...Honestly thought that one of my better ones was #JustinWouldRatherWorkWith Holly Golightly, not Audrey McLaughlin...As you might imagine no one, not even executors of Truman Capote's estate, cared.


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