Friday, April 10, 2015

English Bay Oil Spill...And Just What Would Have Been Different If The Coast Guard Base Was Still There?



Not only would the response likely NOT have been delayed for at least three hours.


The response itself likely would have been much, much more effective from the get-go as noted by the former Kits Coast Guard commander who, as Laila noted in her excellent post late last night, called in to the Simi Sara show on NW yesterday afternoon:

” …former Kits base commander Fred Moxey, who told us that a special pollution response boat formerly stationed at the now shuttered Kitsilano Coast Guard base is sitting empty with no crew at Sea Island base in Richmond. According to Moxey, only a rubber boat from the Coast Guard responded to the English Bay oil spill last night. Moxey also told us the Osprey formerly stationed at Kits was dismantled and sold off then when the base was closed. Moxey says if Kits Base was still active today crews would have been on scene at the spill in six minutes with the equipment to deal with the situation...”


Here's the real thing.

Why, as noted by longtime reader, and all-around trouble maker, Dana in the comments to this morning's first post, are we...

Why, indeed?



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