Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Bard Of Sliverville Weighs In On The Recall Thing.


From Mr. Beer 'N Hockey's latest:

...Elections are best left to election time. Takes a lot of steam to build up enough pressure for people, in their masses, to change a government. Recall campaigns allow some of that steam to blow off.

Not a good idea in my opinion.

Hard to argue with that, I reckon.



Anonymous said...


What will the cupboard look like after almost two years of looting?

Anonymous said...


two years more, that is...

sd said...

I worked on the last recall of Dalton but we switched our focus to the HST vote. After watching Dalton's performance I don't think he would survive another election and I think he realizes it too and that's why he's running for con's. The only way Dalton and HEE HAWES won was by gerrymandering the Mission riding. They split Mission down the middle. When asked why HEE HAWES said "because there aren't as many SOCIALISTS in Abbotsford". I think a general strike might be a better attention getter.