Monday, April 06, 2015

The Prime Minister Of Listeria, Act Two.


Part One, of the first part, from 2008:

....Despite the unarguable proof that it was his government's policy change that led to the removal of Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors from meat processing plants, Mr. Stephen Harper implied earlier this week that the listeriosis outbreak (that killed 23 Canadians) was the fault of the previous Liberal government and that it was his government that was actually the proactive one:

...The Conservative leader (Mr. Harper) insisted his government has already taken action by modernizing the inspection system and hiring 200 new inspectors and will conduct a "comprehensive" inquiry into the listeriosis outbreak.

"We are aware of deficiencies, and that's why we're acting and investing, both putting money [into the system] and looking very carefully at our processes as we go forward," he said.

"The previous (Liberal) government was aware of some of these deficiencies, [but] they didn't act. We have been acting."...


Kelsey Johnson has the story of the recently released Part Two, in iPolitics. Here is her lede:

Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s office is continuing to insist that reports of Canadian Food Inspection Agency cuts to the number of meat inspections in Northern Alberta are “irresponsible and inaccurate” despite the fact internal documents obtained by iPolitics show the agency is doing just that.

The issue was brought to public attention on Tuesday in a news conference by the Agriculture Union, which represents food inspection workers and had obtained edited versions of the same documents iPolitics has since obtained in unedited form.

The internal documents show the CFIA has conceded it “is not able to complete work as per program design” when it comes to meat hygiene inspections in Northern Alberta because of tight finances and a shortfall of six inspectors...



There is post-script to Part Two that may have some theatre goers seeing Red and/or perhaps, Orange. 


Because it would appear that the latest inspector shortfall is being asymmetrically distributed so as not to upset that big, fat meat market to the south of us:

...As a result (of the latest inspector shortfall), the (Canadian food inspection) agency has “reduced daily presence in registered processing establishments that are not eligible to export to the USA,” a decision that affects 66 per cent of the region’s processing plants...


I mean, seriously, all snark aside, why is it that the man who is running our country cannot see that acts committed in the name of his ideology have killed Canadians before and that they could very well kill Canadians again?



Anonymous said...

Corprate welfare killing Canadians?
Food imports will be banned if felt not safe

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

Our good "christian" P.M. doesn't care about the lives of Canadians. He is more interested in his political agenda and if some Canadians have to die, so be it.

Remember this is a man, who when asked about a national enquiry into the murder of 1,200 First Nations women said it wasn't on his "radar". What that means is not only are all these women dead but there are hundreds of murderers walking around this country, free. So if harper and his herd don't care about that, why would they care if 20, 30, 40 Canadians die from bad meat. I do mean they will be going to heaven won't they?

harper and his herd not only sent Canadians into a war in the middle east which got a lot of them killed, more of them killed themselves afterwards then were killed in the war. what did harper do? took a billion out of the Veteran Affairs budget and closed offices

The Cons also clawed money back from the RCMP budget which was meant to be used to fight child porn.

with an attitude like that, a few missing meat inspectors is just part of the agenda. But don't worry those members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church will all be protected by their god, I am sure. 60 or so of the caucus belong to the same church as harper. an enlightened lot they are too. they believe the second coming is "imminent" and the bible is "inerrant". Not a clever bunch of dicks.