Thursday, April 02, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...There Are Infectious Germs Buried In Bill 11...Who Knew?



Crawford Killian, who really knows his stuff has the full details in his latest Tyee piece.

Here is just a couple of snippets (but go read it all):

...This language (in Bill 11) reflects the BC Liberals' continuing infatuation with what educators call GERM: the Global Education Reform Movement, which emphasizes high-stakes testing, accountability, standardized learning, and cut-throat competition between schools and between students...

{snippety doo-dah}

...But Bill 11 does appear to be a local expression of a widespread desire to de-professionalize teaching and to centralize power at the top. That's basic to the Global Education Reform Movement. Its premise is that education should be run "like a business," as if students were widgets hooked to an assembly line, teachers were workers, and trustees were managers on the shop floor...


Don't know about you, but....

...Even going all the way back to her disastrous stint as Minster of Education during the reign of the Knotty Gordian, I can't quite figure out how Ms. Clark, the academic tourist, could possibly have come up with any of this stuff on her own.

And that brings us back to those wizards and patrons again, I reckon.

Which isn't such a big deal for some, I suppose.

Unless you, like me, would like to know who is actually running this province.



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Please note, however, that the second link is actually the Crawford Killian piece quoted in the post.