Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hosing At Burke Mountain: But... "Both Sides"!


Given that all of the proMedia reports so far (at least the ones that I have seen) are, essentially, CP-based stenography I thought I'd go straight to the Dipper source on this one:

...The provincial government hired an independent appraiser in 2013 to determine the value of 14 publicly owned parcels of land in Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain neighborhood. In its detailed 137-page report, Equity Valuation and Consulting advised the government that these public assets would command a $128 million sale price if exposed to the markets for six to nine months.

But Clark’s ministers wouldn’t wait, and only weeks later began accepting offers at dramatically lower prices. Fourteen parcels were sold to the same buyer for only $85 million, fully $43 million less than the appraised value. The Clark Liberals parted with one 16-acre parcel, valued at $5.6 million, for only $100,000.

“The appraiser told the government to wait nine months and get a good price,” said Mike Farnworth, New Democrat MLA for Port Coquitlam. “But the Liberals threw the report to the wind and rushed to sell the land at a massive loss to the taxpayer just so they could pad their budget numbers.”

The purchaser of all 14 land parcels is Hassan Khosrowshahi of Wesbild Holdings Ltd. Khosromshahi and his companies have donated close to $1 million to the B.C. Liberal party since 2000, and a quarter of a million dollars just since the B.C. Liberals began their fire sale of public assets...


Of course, you are sure to soon hear from the usual suspects that the good Mr. Khosromshahi has also given money to the socialist hordes.

So, no harm no foul, right?

Sure thing.

Except it turns out that, at least according to the Province's Cassidy Olivier on the Twittmachine the green handed out to the Dippers comes to a grand total of....

Wait for it....


'Nuff said?

And anybody who is surprised by what went down on Burke Mountain re: the bogus balancing of the Clarklandian budget is forgetting what happened with a wee bit of asset-backed bait and switcherly switcherooing on the easterly downslope of Little Mountain awhile back.



Lew said...

There is another $8 million that must be deducted from the proceeds here as well. That’s the amount the BC government paid the Kwikwetlem Band for release of their aboriginal claim to the site.

JasonS said...

And this is why we are voting to raise our own taxes ,because financial backers of the governing party are paying very little to nothing at all. Those lost 10s of millions could have funded the kits coast guard station for a long time, not to mention the billions from resources we used to get before the weasels got in the hen house. In the years of huge gains in commodities BC received double the provincial debt , 90 billion in hydro "debt" and sky rocketing household debt stagnant wages TFW`s and the list goes on .

Anonymous said...

Burke Mountain is the same area that notorious convicted stock swindler and former Premier Bill Bennett wholesaled in the 1980s. And then the municipality was forced to buy back land for schools, parks etc.

Just say "YES" to prudent financial management! /s

Anonymous said...

Follow the money?