Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Does The Queen Know That Canadian Medals Awarded In Her Name Are Handed Out By...



It's true.

And it just goes to show that, perhaps, the Sex Pistols were right.

Someone really does need to save poor Elizabeth the Second.

Glen McGregor has the details in a recent O'Cit piece on super secret changes the Order of Canada process announced/not announced in yesterday's budget:

...(The Harper) government chose an unusual way of handing out medals to mark the...(60th)...anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne, by delegating the selection process for recipients, in part, to trade associations, lobby organizations and other non-governmental groups dubbed “partner organizations.”...

Go figure.

I'm pretty sure there was a typo in Mr. McGregor's copy which said that this was a medal for the 50th anniversary of Lizzie's ascension...However, he then goes on to talk about a couple of most interesting recipients with ties to either the Harper government of HGov-related ideology...That and the fact that there is no mention of 'partner organizations' in the government description of the arbiters of the 50th anniversary medals handed out in 2002.
And believe me, I could have plugged worse lyrics into the sub-header from the then young and non lucre-laden Mr. Lydon and company.


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Anonymous said...

So... It will be just like the Order of BC.

Some scuzzball - like Gordon Campbell - gets nominated and the committee rubber stamps the paperwork.

The difference is the Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court will not be wrongfully inserting herself into the process.