Monday, April 13, 2015

The Gagging Of People With Tough Messages...It's Not Just For FedCons Anymore.


Remember how we were all set to get a documentary on the TeeVee telling us who the really big foreign spenders in the Canadian Oil Patch are back in February.

And then, remember how Global television told us that the doc would be aired next year?


Even that 'rescheduling' was problematic given when the federal election is (kinda/sorta/maybe) scheduled to occur.

But it turns out that the real story of what really went down at Global is likely much, much worse.

Jesse Brown has the story, today, at Canadaland. The following is his lede:

Veteran investigative reporter Bruce Livesey was fired by Global News shortly after talking to CANADALAND about the fact that management had pulled his documentary, The Koch Connection, from their broadcast schedule.

As CANADALAND reported in February, Livesey's documentary about the billionaire Koch Brothers and their ties to Canada was set for broadcast on Global News' 16x9 investigative newsmagazine, only to be pulled from the broadcast schedule and scrubbed from Global's website shortly before it was set to air...

You can hear Mr. Brown's interview with Mr. Livesey....Here.

Luckily, there are other sources already out there where we can go to piece some of the information together regarding what Mess'rs Koch and Koch are up to here in Canuckistanmikitaville....For example, ever wondered how much money they have given to the very fine Fraser Institute and all it's super finest of the fine scholarship?



e.a.f. said...

don't have to wonder at all what the Koch brothers are up to Canada. its all no good. What works for the Koch brothers usually doesn't work for anyone else. Their financial contributions to extreme right wing causes in the U.S.A. ought to scare the shit out of Canadians, because those Koch brothers have Canada in their sites.

In the end what the Koch brothers don't get I'm sure Communist China will pick up. Yes, these days I'm on about Communist China. We've got Steve building a monument to the "victims of communism" at the cost of who knows how much, where they were going to build new court rooms. We have Steve bad mouthing Russian communists. He doesn't appear to be keen on "normalizing" relations with Communists in Cuba, some small country, with not much. Yet he signs a 30 yr deal with COMMUNIST CHINA AND THE RED ARMY. He thinks its grand that these Communists from China buy Canadian corporations, move into the Alberta oil fields, etc.

So why are all Communists so bad and China's communists so good. the last time I checked the Chinese Communists still shot people through the head and set the cost of the bullit to the victims' families.

I saw the figures on the donations to the Fraser Inst. and that is why we could to beware of anything coming out of there. don't forget the Kochs are big supporters of the NRA also. It makes one wonder how much they are donating to the CRA. Wonder how much the Koch brothers donate to politicians here in Canada

Anonymous said...

Wow, Global firing a reporter for speaking to Canadaland? that is very chilling.

We are in a fascist state with corporations controlling media and government at the expense of our democracy, our environment and the very future of the world.

RossK said...


Good point about the strange hate-love relationship with oppressive regimes.



Very chilling indeed, especially when one considers that it was Canadaland's Jesse Brown that called the doc maker Mr. Livesey (i.e. it wasn't the other way around).